How to Ensure your Commercial Ice Maker is Working Efficiently

The commercial ice machine plays a crucial role in your business or institution. It’s important to ensure that you give the machine the maintenance it deserves. You will find that one of the most neglected commercial appliances is an icemaker, yet they play a crucial role. Make sure that you follow the right commercial appliance repair Virginia schedule to keep the ice maker working optimally.

Why it’s important to Keep the Ice Maker Clean

  • The health of your clients

The ice maker is in use every day and it’s essential to ensure its clean. Ice is food and it’s therefore important to ensure that the machine making the ice is clean. Water will lead the machine to have lime and Mold and that should be cleaned to ensure the health of your clients

  • To keep it working optimally in all seasons

Your ice maker is crucial especially during summer and it’s important to ensure its working effectively. Make sure that you clean and sanitize the ice maker machine often to keep it clean. Follow the commercial kitchen appliance repair schedule and ensure your ice maker serviced to keep it performing optimally throughout the year. Failing to carry out the service schedule will cause the ice to stick to the evaporator plates and that will slow down the machine. Failing to clean the machine will cause Mold and slime to form in your machine and that may cause food poisoning

  • Saves cost

Cleaning and servicing the ice maker as advised by the ice dispenser repair team will ensure that there are no sudden breakdowns. Sudden breakdowns will cost you a lot of money and lead to business losses

When Should You Clean the Ice Machine

Clean the commercial ice maker if you notice the following;

  • When you notice the machine is slower than usual
  • If it stops cycling into the harvest
  • Poor quality ice being harvested. If you notice the ice is not clean let the commercial ice maker repair team do a thorough cleaning.
  • When your ice maker begins to produce incomplete ice cubes
  • If it produces a low number of ice cubes

How to Maintain your Commercial Ice Maker

Below are tips to follow and ensure your ice maker is working optimally. While most of the tips seem obvious, ignoring them may lead to the machine breaking and loss of clients.

  • Make sure you invite the commercial appliance repair team for a thorough cleaning every six months
  • Ensure that your staff understands how the ice maker works and they are able to detect where it’s not working optimally.
  • Use the right products when cleaning the machine
  • Make sure that you follow the instructions on the manual of the machine when using it. If you notice that your ice maker requires more washing let the ice dispenser technician check the machine for any faults.

How to clean the Ice Maker

The main reason why you should clean the ice maker more often is to avoid lime build up because it makes the machine ineffective. Follow the below-cleaning instructions

  • Remove all the ice before cleaning the machine
  • Clean the machines water system
  • Remove the machine from power and remove the parts for cleaning
  • Check the air filters and clean them
  • Clean all the other parts with the right products

It’s best to let the commercial kitchen appliance repair team do the major cleaning of the machine as they do service. That will ensure that the machine is checked properly and ensure its working efficiently. The technician will be able to inspect all the parts and ensure they are working well

Sanitization and cleaning the exterior

After cleaning the machine make sure you sanitize it. Speak to the ice dispenser technician on the best detergents to use to sanitize the machine. Make all the components of the machine are sanitized.

Clean the exterior and the place where the machine is placed often. That will ensure that the health standards are maintained, and your machine is working optimally.

It’s imperative that your ice maker is cleaned and sanitized regularly to keep it working efficiently, reduce repair cost and ensure health standards are observed. Make sure that you follow the service schedule given by commercial ice maker repair team and that will ensure the constant supply of ice to your clients.

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