How to Ensure Your Kitchen Appliances Work Longer with No Hitches


Commercial kitchen appliance repair can be an expensive affair in terms of money spent to repair the appliances and time lost while the kitchen equipment is not working. Kitchen appliances are an integral part of any business or institution as they are one of the key ingredients to a successful and a profit-making venture. It’s therefore essential that employees and users of the appliances take extra care while using the appliances. Simple rules and procedures will ensure that the machine lasts longer without experiencing any damage. Commercial Kitchen appliances include;

  • Serving Equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Food storage equipment
  • Sanitation equipment

How to Ensure your Commercial Kitchen Appliances Work  Longer

  • Train Staff on use of the Equipment

It’s crucial to ensure that the employees who will handle the appliances have the expertise and knowledge of how the equipment work. Once the employees understand how the equipment works and the cleaning procedure they can take better care of the appliances. Most equipment will have a user manual therefore if one needs a more understanding on how the appliances work, the user manual is an ideal guide.

  • Daily Cleaning and General Cleaning

The appliances require regular cleaning to avoid accumulation of grease and ensure they remain in good working condition. Make sure that the cleaning procedure for each appliance is followed. Equipment made of stainless steel should be adequately cleaned to avoid abrasion and corrosion. Make a schedule of monthly general cleaning for all the appliances to clean out that may not be possible to clean on a daily basis.

  • Schedule regular Commercial Appliance  Maintenance and Servicing

Just like any other equipment, it’s important to ensure that every so often the machines are serviced to able to detect any issue early enough. Make sure you replace any worn out and broken parts immediately. Always Switch off power when the appliances are not in use.

Tips on How to Prolong the Life of your Kitchen Appliances

  • Only let trained employees operate the equipment to avoid spoiling the appliances. Avoid improper use and application
  • While cleaning the equipment use mild detergents especially for stainless steel. Don’t scrub stainless steel equipment against the grain.
  • Check the Plug loads to ensure there are no overloads, frays or damages.
  • Ensure other parts of the kitchen are clean to minimize chances of intrusion by roaches. The roaches usually hide in the equipment and may cause damage.
  • Keep Kitchen appliances service schedules to be able to service the equipment without failure
  • Ensure all the appliance are in the right environment and temperature to avoid overheating. Make sure there is proper ventilation in the rooms where the appliance are in use
  • Ensure that the work area is always dry at all time to prevent accidents and consequently breakage

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