How to Maintain A Commercial Oven To Ensure Longevity


A commercial oven is the hub of a restaurant or any institution that uses such oven. Depending on the type and number of people to serve there are different kinds of ovens. One thing remains constant though, and that’s Commercial oven maintenance.

Types Of  Ovens

A list of some of the ovens you are likely to come across

  • Combined Ovens

They are a combination of both oven and steamers. The steamer can cook a lot of vegetables in a short span of time

  • Pizza Oven

The oven can heat to high temperatures, and you not only cook pizza in it but also meat

  • Conveyor Oven

The oven has the conveyor belt which moves food along

  • Conventional Oven

The oven may have heat emitting from top and bottom to ensure food cooks faster


How to Maintain Commercial Ovens

  • Understanding the Functionality of the Oven

It’s paramount that we take care of the oven as its one of the most critical aspects of, especially hotels and restaurants. First and foremost, it’s essential that the operators of the oven know how it works. Knowing how an oven functions is one of the best maintenance approaches. Once the operators of the oven understand its functionality, then they can take care of the equipment. Ensure the operators access the oven’s manual and can interpret how the equipment works. Understanding which parts are removable and which ones are not is crucial to the durability of the machine

  • Commercial Appliance Cleaning

Ensure that the oven is spotless always. Clean the oven daily after use to ensure that it’s not clogged with dirt.

Steps to Follow during daily cleaning

  • Switch off the power source and gas supply
  • Wipe the exterior after confirming that the oven is not hot
  • Remove any food particles from the spaces in the oven
  • Use mild soap and warm water to wipe off grease
  • Clean the vents and any other parts remaining

It’s necessary to have a general cleaning for the oven occasionally to ensure that all removable parts are removed and cleaned. Daily cleaning will ensure that the oven will run smoothly without hassles.

  • Regular Maintenance

Ensure that you have a commercial appliance maintenance team that will regularly inspect the oven, remove all the parts that are removable, grease and cleans especially the more complicated parts of the equipment. It’s also important to check on parts that need replacement and immediately contact the commercial appliance repair experts. It’s essential to maintain schedules to ensure that the equipment is serviced on time.

It’s critical to ensure that the right process is followed while cleaning the oven to ensure it last long. Equally important is the operators of the equipment understanding how it works. Lack of know-how on how the machines work is one of the leading causes of the constant breakdown of the oven. Contact commercial appliance repair experts every so often to ensure that your equipment is working well.


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