Common Deep Fryer Problems

Deep fryers are stapled in the majority of commercial kitchens, but you can experience malfunction every now and then. That is the reason why you should understand some common problems that you could encounter when you own even high-quality deep fryers. Despite the fact that the majority of commercial deep fryers are popular for their durability and efficiency, these kitchen appliances are heavy duty and they can experience some minor issues in their lifespan. The good thing is that the majority of common issues that have a deep fryer can easily be fixed and maintained without any issues.

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No Pilot Light

When there is no pilot light, it is normally a sign that the deep fryer is out of commission. If you do not use that, the oil is not going to heat up to the correct temperature. Even if there are many reasons that could cause a malfunctioning Pilot Light, the common culprit is to check the supply line for any blockage. If the valve is open and clog-free, you might have to replace the thermopile. The thermopile is the heating element that will convert thermal heat into electric energy, so it signals the Pilot Light to turn on the flame. Even if the thermopile is easy to replace, you should still contact a professional to make sure that they correctly handle the repairs.

Thermostat is Broken

The manufacturers of deep fryers include thermostat control all the time to operate the equipment’s heat. Therefore, the oil temperature cannot be lowered or raised excessively. When you have a broken thermostat, your deep fryer cannot accordingly adjust the heating element. The oil can either be too cold or too hot, which causes food to burn or respectively become undercooked.

When the deep fryer overheats, it can burn the oil to combustion, which leads to a fire outbreak. Therefore, if the employees tell you about a broken thermostat or oil problems, you should contact professionals so your machine can be serviced immediately. The specialists might change the thermostat and test out equipment if there are any underlying issues that might be causing it.

Burners are Blocked

Burner orifices can become clogged because of food particles, dust, debris, and grease buildup. Burners that partially light up or will not at all have blocked orifices. This can be remedied by running a stiff brush on the burners to get rid of the particles that clog the orifices. In case the problem continues, the problem can be the low or inconsistent pressure of the gas. Damaged fuel lines can cause this issue if your fuel supply is sufficient.

Oil Filter is Broken

Normally, deep fryers collect plenty of food debris, which affects the food quality. The good thing is that they have an oil filter that can get rid of the debris to make sure the oil stays clean. This will allow the oil to circulate without difficulties.

When the filer gets damaged, your oil is going to be dirty, and it will not effectively circulate. This is going to result in undercooked food. Your employees are going to have a difficult time preparing recipes. You have to call experts to replace the oil filter early so you can avoid the outcome.

When the filtration pump runs correctly, you can hear and see the oil circulation when you turn on the fryer. If it fails, the flow will become weak, which makes it impossible to deep fry food successfully.

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