Fixed: Commercial Refrigerator Is Not Reaching The Set Temperature

A commercial refrigerator that doesn’t maintain the temperature or doesn’t reach the temperature can spoil the food stored inside it. To avoid this situation, inspect your commercial fridge regularly and get the services of a commercial refrigerators repairs professional. You can also learn more about why your commercial refrigerator is not reaching the temperature by giving this guide a read.

Inspect The Power Source

Try a simple technique fix. Turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, and then turn on the refrigerator. Some issues are fixed with this method. Plus, check the power source of the refrigerator and the power cord. Make sure it’s plugged in correctly and the outlet is functional.

Moreover, if there is an extension cord used for powering the refrigerator, remove it and plug it into an outlet directly.

Check The Location Of The Refrigerator

Move on to check the placement of your commercial refrigerator. Any fridge should not be placed too close to the wall because it will restrict the ventilation and the refrigeration process of the appliance. Ensure there is at least 2 inches of clearance between the walls and the sides of the commercial refrigerator.

Furthermore, the temperature of the place where the refrigerator is located also impacts its cooling ability. Usually, if the placement of the refrigerator is in a hot place with poor ventilation, it won’t be a surprise if the commercial refrigerator struggles to reach the cooling temperature. In that case, change the location of your commercial refrigerator.

Clean The Condenser Coils

Condenser coils help in removing the warm temperature of the refrigerant that is inside the coils. They are placed at the exterior of a commercial refrigerator to effectively remove heat. In that, they receive dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the air that stick to the coils.

With the buildup of dust on condenser coils, the capability of them removing heat decreases. This results in the refrigerator not cooling properly or not maintaining the temperature inside.

Therefore, clean the condenser coils regularly to prevent this problem. The cleaning process of the condenser coils is easy and your staff can easily carry it out.

  1. Remove the power cord of the commercial refrigerator from the outlet.
  2. Move all the items stored in the unit to another refrigerator if this process sounds longer to you depending on what type of food is stored in your refrigerator.
  3. Locate the coils. They may be at the bottom front of the refrigerator or at the back.
  4. Remove the cover if any and use a stiff brush to gently clean the coils.
  5. Then, vacuum the coils.
  6. Put the cover back and turn on the refrigerator.

Check The Doors

Many problems related to the doors can lead to a commercial refrigerator not maintaining the temperature.

Firstly, check if the doors are closed properly. During the usage, if a staff member or a customer (if the refrigerator is accessible to customers) opens the door and doesn’t close it completely, it will affect its temperature because warm air will keep coming in.

Then, check the usage of the refrigerator. If the doors are opened and closed too many times in a short time, this will also impact the cooling process of the refrigerator. Hot air from the outside will sneak in every time the refrigerator is opened. Due to the sheer frequency of the opens, the refrigerator will take much more time in reaching the temperature or won’t reach the temperature at all.

After clearing the above suspicion, check the door gaskets. These are installed on the entire part of the door that connects to the fridge when it’s closed. The gaskets ensure no air leaks from or get into the refrigerator.

With usage, these gaskets become worn and stiff. Cool air may leak or warm air may get into the refrigerator leading to temperature issues. Hire an expert to replace the door gaskets as a long-term solution to this problem.

Look For Thermostat Issues

The thermostat in a commercial refrigerator takes care of temperature regulation. If it’s not working due to any reason, your refrigerator may become too cold or too warm. In short, it won’t reach your desired set temperature it won’t signal the control board at the correct time to cool the interior or stop cooling.

In some instances, the thermostat is not faulty but only blocked by food items. Sometimes, the vents are blocked by inventory. So, locate the thermostat to check if it’s blocked by anything.

Then, use can place a thermometer inside the refrigerator to check if the thermostat is faulty. If you see a difference between the readings of both devices, the thermostat is malfunctioning. Hire an expert who can check the thermostat. They may calibrate the thermostat or replace it.

Usage Habits

Commercial refrigerators are heavily used in restaurants and other food facilities. So, you should also look out for usage practices because some habits can impart adverse effects on the effectiveness of your commercial fridge.

For instance, it’s easier to just put hot food inside the refrigerator when the staff is dealing with a lot at peak hours. This will put more pressure on the refrigerator because it will have to cool a hot food item that is quickly changing the internal temperature of the fridge.

Moreover, hot food inside the refrigerator produces condensation that can damage the components of the unit.

Condenser Fan

Commercial freezers and refrigerators also feature a condenser fan. It’s located near the condenser coils and the compressor and cools these two important components which become hot during the cooling process. The fans circulate air and remove excess heat from the coils and the compressor to keep them functioning well.

So, check the fan. If it’s not rotating, clean it up and remove obstructions that may be stopping it from rotating. If the fan doesn’t work, then the fan motor may be failed. An expert will be required to check the fan motor and replace it if needed.

Check The Compressor

A compressor is a critical component for refrigerators. The cooling process starts when the thermostat signals the control board to turn on the compressor. The refrigerator then cools the interior and when the correct temperature is reached the thermostat again signals the control board to turn off the compressor.

But if the compressor is faulty, it will not properly run and the refrigerator won’t be cooled properly.

If you think that the compressor of your commercial refrigerator is malfunctioning, look for these signs:

  • Your refrigerator runs constantly and never turns off cooling.
  • The refrigerator doesn’t cool properly and doesn’t reach the temperature.
  • The fan runs but the refrigerator doesn’t get cold.
  • It trips the circuit breaker often.
  • The unit makes more noise than usual.
  • The power bill is crawling up.

Find any two signs relevant to your refrigerator. Have your commercial refrigerator inspected by an expert. Compressors of commercial refrigerators are expensive. Therefore, many experts first replace the compressor start relay because sometimes, it’s the culprit. If the new start relay doesn’t fix the issues, then they go ahead with compressor replacement.


Commercial refrigerators can run into problems with usage. If it’s not cooling, check the above-mentioned things. Allow a commercial freezer repairs Springfield expert to check the fridge and fix the cooling issue.



Beverage Cooler Maintenance Tips

In sight, but out of mind! That is the perfect summation about most commercial beverage coolers. The beverage coolers are one of the important appliances in terms of customer satisfaction and customer perception. Taking Beverage Air repair seriously is pretty much essential to keep the beverages chilled. Luckily, issues with beverage coolers are not difficult to spot and troubleshoot. And if major replacement or repair is required, you should consider calling the commercial appliance repair services for quick and painless solutions.

Issues with beverage coolers

Mainly there are three issues that can occur with beverage coolers –lights of cooler stop working, cooler stops circulating cool air, and cooler does not work efficiently. These are some major issues that can impact your business. It is important to get them fixed as soon as you notice.

In food service industry, presentation plays an important role. Your presentation has to be attractive to fetch the customer’s attention. Poorly illuminated beverage coolers are not attractive at all, and won’t draw customers in, because the beverages inside the cooler are not being visible properly. This might not cause any performance issue, but impact your business.

Along with presentation, you need to provide quality services to your customers, in order to build customer-relationship. And to provide quality service, you need to keep your commercial kitchen appliances in tip-top condition, including but not limited to beverage coolers. If your beverage cooler stops circulating the cool air, you won’t be able to serve chilled beverages to your customers, and this will somehow ruin your reputation in the market.

If not maintained properly, beverage coolers will not work efficiently. They will consume a lot of electricity to operate. This will increase your overall electricity consumption. It is important to take this issue under consideration to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Maintaining beverage coolers

Just like any other commercial appliance, beverage coolers also work 24*7. These appliances also require timely maintenance to keep working properly. You need to schedule the cleaning of this appliance on the regular basis to maintain the proper hygiene inside.

If you notice a lot of condensation on the glass door or water on the floor at the unit’s base, it is a signal there is some major issue with the refrigeration unit, or the door is not sealed properly. In this condition you need to call the commercial freezer repairs Fairfax.



Ways to Maintain Commercial Freezers

For someone in food service industry, commercial freezer is one of the major investments. Business owners do not hesitate in investing in expensive freezers, but they often forget about commercial freezer maintenance. In order to keep your commercial freezer running, it is important to pay attention over maintenance, care and repair of the appliance. Leave maintenance and care task on your staff, and you remember to hire commercial freezer repairs services for timely repair. It is important to keep your freezer in good condition to enjoy long-lasting and efficient services.

Maintaining commercial freezers

Commercial freezers require preventive maintenance actions to operate without interruption. It is possible to avoid major and minor freezer issues by scheduling timely maintenance and preventive measures. If you are thinking how you can maintain your freezer, the below mentioned tips will help you in protecting your investment:

Keep Acidic Foods Covered

Covering acidic food items reduces the cross contamination spread in the freezer while also minimizing the corrosion. Acidic foods such as tomatoes and pickles let out acids which, eventually, eat through the lines of refrigerant. It is also recommended to store frozen food in sealed containers lids and freezer-safe bags to prevent this issue.

Clean Dust from the Condenser

When dust and other debris accumulate on the condenser and coils, freezer will not be able to do its job appropriately. In this situation the condenser works harder than required for an extended time period, it is more likely to get heated prematurely. An overloaded condenser also consumes more power and escalates your electricity bills. If your staff is cleaning condenser by themselves, instruct them to use a condenser coil brush and cleaner.

Keep Drains Clear

You can find the refrigerator drain at the bottom. This drain is responsible for removing interior condensation. Once the liquid moves out of the drain, it is moved to a drip pan and heated till evaporation. If the drain is clogged, the condensation gets stuck in the refrigerator, producing frozen build up. You must clean the refrigerator drain on the regular basis by cleaning crumbs and moving storage containers away from the opening of the drain.

Hiring Commercial Freezer Repair Services

It is important to resolve the freezer issues at initial stage. You should hire commercial freezers services Vienna as soon as you notice the problem. This will help you in avoiding expensive appliance repair or replacement.



The most Common Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Problems

Commercial walk-in coolers and freezers play a crucial role especially in restaurants and any large institutions. The commercial appliances should be in top condition to ensure that they keep your food in the right condition. It’s crucial to carry out regular maintenance of your walk-in cooler and freezers to ensure they operate optimally. Make sure that walk-in cooler repairs are done promptly to prevent further damage. In this article, we tell you common malfunctions that you walk in coolers and freezers are likely to occur. It’s important to ensure that you follow commercial freezer repairs and services schedules to ensure that your appliance doesn’t cause an inconvenience to your business or institution.

Common Walk-in Coolers and Freezer Problems

  • Drowning Drain Pan

The walk-in cooler and freezer have a drain pan which collects condensed moisture from the inside container. If you notice that the drain pan is overflowing it could be because the drain line is clogged. It could also result if the door gasket is not working well and lets in moisture which collects at the drained pool. Invite the commercial appliance repair team for a servicing of the walk-in cooler and freezer to prevent any damage to your food. During the regular maintenance the commercial kitchen appliance repair the technician can add line clearing as part to the repair schedule.

  • Inefficient coolant

The condensation coil in the walk-in coolers and freezers play a crucial role in moving the coolant around. It’s important to ensure that there is enough amount of coolants for the coils to regulate the temperature appropriately. If you notice that the temperature is rising and the food in the walk-in cooler and freezer get spoilt you need to contact the commercial appliance repair team check on the condensation coils. To keep your business running smoothly its important that your team understands that how the walk-in cooler works so that they are able to pick out issues immediately. In case you notice any issue make sure that you schedule the walk-in cooler repairs immediately

  • Broken door

If you close your walk-in the freezer only to come back and find the door open then the door hydraulics may be worn out. Let the commercial kitchen appliance repair team check the door and repair the drivers. When the door is not working warm air starts to seep into the walk-in cooler and condense. That may lead to mold growth, water pools and unhealthy conditions around the freezer. If you notice any water pool around the freezer invite the commercial freezer repairs team to have the door seams and hydraulics replaced.

  • Faulty Evaporators

When the evaporators fail they can cause the walk-in freezer to work harder and less efficiently. Evaporators fail due to ice build-up that will cause the compressor to work extremely hard to defrost the ice and drain the water. To keep the evaporator working its best to ensure that regular maintenance and walk-in cooler repairs are carried out regularly. Regular repairs and servicing will ensure that your freezer is working optimally.

Signs that Your Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Need Repairs

Below are signs that you walk in cooler and freezer needs repairs

  • Ice Buildup

The build-up of ice may look normal but it’s a sign that something is wrong. The ice build-up is a sign of a failed evaporator which is supposed to break down the ice. If you notice ice buildup let the commercial freezer repair team check the freezer and repair the evaporator.

  • Bad smell

There are several reasons why your walk-in the cooler could be smelling. A foul smell coming from the freezer could result from a failing coolant. Make sure you call the commercial appliance repair team as soon as you notice the bad smell because it could food to get spoiled and lead to losses

  • High Temperature

If the condenser coil fails, the freezer will start heating up.  If you notice the walk-in cooler is not running as it should call the walk-in cooler repair team and have your freezer repaired to prevent sudden breakdown.

  • Noises

Your walk-in cooler and freezer should have little or no noise. If you hear squeaks and shakes, then it’s time to call the commercial kitchen appliance repair team and for repairs before the issue becomes worse.


Schedule commercial appliance repairs Virginia and servicing for your commercial walk-in coolers and freezers to make sure they are working optimally. Follow the laid-out service schedule diligently and that will prevent any sudden breakdown that can cause sudden failure and cost you a lot of money.