Ways to Maintain Commercial Freezers

For someone in food service industry, commercial freezer is one of the major investments. Business owners do not hesitate in investing in expensive freezers, but they often forget about commercial freezer maintenance. In order to keep your commercial freezer running, it is important to pay attention over maintenance, care and repair of the appliance. Leave maintenance and care task on your staff, and you remember to hire commercial freezer repairs services for timely repair. It is important to keep your freezer in good condition to enjoy long-lasting and efficient services.

Maintaining commercial freezers

Commercial freezers require preventive maintenance actions to operate without interruption. It is possible to avoid major and minor freezer issues by scheduling timely maintenance and preventive measures. If you are thinking how you can maintain your freezer, the below mentioned tips will help you in protecting your investment:

Keep Acidic Foods Covered

Covering acidic food items reduces the cross contamination spread in the freezer while also minimizing the corrosion. Acidic foods such as tomatoes and pickles let out acids which, eventually, eat through the lines of refrigerant. It is also recommended to store frozen food in sealed containers lids and freezer-safe bags to prevent this issue.

Clean Dust from the Condenser

When dust and other debris accumulate on the condenser and coils, freezer will not be able to do its job appropriately. In this situation the condenser works harder than required for an extended time period, it is more likely to get heated prematurely. An overloaded condenser also consumes more power and escalates your electricity bills. If your staff is cleaning condenser by themselves, instruct them to use a condenser coil brush and cleaner.

Keep Drains Clear

You can find the refrigerator drain at the bottom. This drain is responsible for removing interior condensation. Once the liquid moves out of the drain, it is moved to a drip pan and heated till evaporation. If the drain is clogged, the condensation gets stuck in the refrigerator, producing frozen build up. You must clean the refrigerator drain on the regular basis by cleaning crumbs and moving storage containers away from the opening of the drain.

Hiring Commercial Freezer Repair Services

It is important to resolve the freezer issues at initial stage. You should hire commercial freezers services Vienna as soon as you notice the problem. This will help you in avoiding expensive appliance repair or replacement.