How to Clean a Commercial Oven

It is important that you clean your commercial kitchen appliances including commercial oven time to time. Commercial ovens are one of the most overlooked appliances in the commercial kitchens. Restaurant and Cafe owners often ignore the commercial oven cleaning. According to commercial gas oven service providers, the old food particles present on the surface of the oven not only affect the taste of food, but dirty oven may also develop performance issues. The old particles of food can burn and result smoke, and don’t let your oven to get heated up properly. Regular cleaning can help you avoid most of the problems.

Commercial Oven Cleaning Tips

It is important to clean the spills immediately. If you keep-on using your oven with spills, the spills will get baked there and then they will become more difficult to clean. The spills can also have negative impact on the cooking temperature.

Cleaning the interior of the oven everyday is mandatory. Use mild detergent, soap and apt scrubber for cleaning the interior of your commercial oven. You can clean oven racks separately in a sink and wipe out the oven interior properly by keeping the racks out. Rinse and dry out the oven racks before reinstalling them in the oven.

Also, clean the exterior of oven on the weekly basis. Use soap water and soft bristle brush to clean the stainless steel surface of your commercial oven. Don’t scrub the surface harshly, as it will make scratches on the exterior body of your oven. However, it is important to get rid of food spills from exterior part of the oven.

Commercial Oven Maintenance Tips

  • Check if you are using your oven at the apt temperature.
  • Do not place heavy items on the doors of your oven.
  • Keep eye on door hinges, door knobs and handles, as they should be functional and attached securely.
  • Check the gasket of oven door to ensure proper sealing, as improper sealing results heat leakage.

Commercial oven is not a low-maintenance kitchen appliance. In order to increase the lifespan of the commercial oven, you need to pay proper attention over maintenance and cleaning of the oven. You have to train your staff for adequate commercial oven maintenance arlington. Also, hire appliance maintenance services for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of your commercial kitchen appliances.



Get to Know More about the Different Types of Refrigerators

Homes and food establishments will not be complete without the common appliances such as refrigerators. Speaking of refrigerators, these appliances are perhaps one of the most important inventions of mankind. These pieces of machinery are important in maintaining the freshness of foods and beverages and avoiding spoilage and potential food poisoning and other food-related hazards.

However, it is also important to ensure that your refrigerators are working at its best at all times. Call a commercial refrigerator services provider if there are signs of damage and defect on your refrigerator unit. For your appliance repair needs, it is best to call commercial appliances repair services to ensure your commercial appliances’ optimum performance.

Choosing the right refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the most important machinery for personal, commercial, and even for industrial use. With so many types of refrigerators to choose from, it can be challenging to choose the best one that will suit your refrigeration needs. A lot of refrigerator units have their own pros and cons, so it is important to know their features to ensure that you get the best choice out there.

At the same time, it takes a lot of responsibility to own such kinds of machinery. No matter where you live, whether in a tropical or a snowy country, every household and commercial establishments need a refrigerator to keep foods fresh for long. Commercial refrigerators repairs companies are also available in case you need to have your refrigerator unit repaired immediately.

Most refrigerators can last for more than a decade. However, poor maintenance and improper usage can shorten the unit’s lifespan. Also, you may also want to consider replacing your unit if it has outdated features or is already more than 15 years old or so. Bringing it in a commercial kitchen appliance repair center may cost you more money instead of having it replaced instead.

Before that, you should know the different types of refrigerators in the market. Likewise, you should know the common refrigerator shopping mistakes you have to avoid so you won’t waste your money.

Popular types of refrigerator

Apparently, there are more than 20 types of refrigerators available in the market nowadays. These refrigerators vary in features, styles, and finish. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Top freezer

This is one of the most popular and basic refrigerators used in residential and commercial purposes. As the name suggests, the freezer is at the top part of the unit where you can put frozen goods including ice, meat, and ice cream.

Bottom freezer

This is the opposite of the top freezer: the freezer is located instead at the bottom of the unit. This type of refrigerator units are usually more expensive than top freezers, yet are more energy-efficient ones in the market.

French door

This is perhaps one of the more state-of-the-art and more expensive refrigerator units around, thanks to its features. It is a combination of the two-door and bottom freezer refs. Unlike traditional refrigerator units, French door units have wider shelves, deeper drawer freezers, and top shelves that are easy to adjust.


This one is popular in dorms and offices. Obviously it has a smaller storage capacity, but it can work for those with limited room spaces. This is also a perfect choice for those who are looking for a cheaper unit for personal use.

Freezer-less refrigerators

This one has no freezer storage and only intended to cool drinks and keep foods fresh (except frozen goods). Freezerless refrigerators can also help lower your electric bills and save on kitchen space.

Mistakes to avoid in buying a refrigerator unit

For your appliance repair needs, make sure to contact a commercial freezer repairs personnel. Other than that, here are some tips to avoid wasting your money from buying a wrong refrigerator unit.

  • Choose one that will meet your needs. If you have limited space in your kitchen, do not buy bulky units like French doors and the like.
  • Make sure to check the area space first before buying a unit so you won’t regret buying a unit that does not actually fit in the room.
  • Choose a unit that will suit well with the overall theme of your kitchen. There are many ref unit designs you can choose from.
  • Inspect the unit first before buying it. Does it easily open? Are there sharp edges that can cause scratches or injuries?
  • Contact commercial freezer repairs when necessary.

Contact professionals for your appliance repair needs

Call reliable commercial kitchen appliance repair in Fairfax for your appliance repair needs.