Do You Need Commercial Appliance Repair or Replacement?

Commercial kitchen appliances play important role making foodservice businesses successful. Business owners spend thousands of dollars on kitchen appliances (walk-in refrigerator, commercial freezer, ice machine, commercial ovens, commercial ranges, garbage disposal units, commercial deep fryers, commercial dishwasher etc.) to serve top quality of foods to their customer. When one the kitchen appliance stops working, chaos like situation arises in the kitchen. It is not easy to decide whether to opt for commercial appliance repair or replacement. In such situation, restaurant owners or managers should seek the most cost-effective solution.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Repair or Replacement

Commercial kitchen appliances are very expensive, and so the appliance repair. When you opt for the appliance repair, you have to be sure that you get the return of your investment. Otherwise, it is better to replace the appliance with new one. Ask yourself following questions when deciding between appliance repair or replacement:

How Old Is the Appliance?

There is no point of repairing the appliance that will breakdown after sometime. If appliance breakdown occur often, your kitchen activities will get disturbed again and again. When appliances become old, they not only demand repair time to time, but also lose their efficiencies. It is best to opt for appliance replacement when the appliance is breaking down frequently. On the other hand, if your appliance is new, and stopped working, you should hire a good appliance repair technician for quick and long-term solution.

What Is the Warranty?

In case your kitchen appliance is under warranty, you can get it fixed for free or at reduced price. It is important to check the manufacturer’s warranty before opting for appliance repair. On the other hand, appliance repair without a warranty could be very expensive. You will be able to save a lot of money, if your appliance is under warranty. Also, a qualified commercial appliance repair technician Alexandria will repair your appliance.

How Much New Appliance Cost?

When the expenses of appliance repair are more than half of the cost of new appliance, it is better buy a new appliance. A new appliance will come with warranty and work more efficiently in the kitchen. However, you should choose the brand, model and size of new appliance carefully to avoid the inconvenience later. It is good to consult with commercial kitchen appliance expert before purchasing the appliance.



How to Maintain A Commercial Oven To Ensure Longevity


A commercial oven is the hub of a restaurant or any institution that uses such oven. Depending on the type and number of people to serve there are different kinds of ovens. One thing remains constant though, and that’s Commercial oven maintenance.

Types Of  Ovens

A list of some of the ovens you are likely to come across

  • Combined Ovens

They are a combination of both oven and steamers. The steamer can cook a lot of vegetables in a short span of time

  • Pizza Oven

The oven can heat to high temperatures, and you not only cook pizza in it but also meat

  • Conveyor Oven

The oven has the conveyor belt which moves food along

  • Conventional Oven

The oven may have heat emitting from top and bottom to ensure food cooks faster


How to Maintain Commercial Ovens

  • Understanding the Functionality of the Oven

It’s paramount that we take care of the oven as its one of the most critical aspects of, especially hotels and restaurants. First and foremost, it’s essential that the operators of the oven know how it works. Knowing how an oven functions is one of the best maintenance approaches. Once the operators of the oven understand its functionality, then they can take care of the equipment. Ensure the operators access the oven’s manual and can interpret how the equipment works. Understanding which parts are removable and which ones are not is crucial to the durability of the machine

  • Commercial Appliance Cleaning

Ensure that the oven is spotless always. Clean the oven daily after use to ensure that it’s not clogged with dirt.

Steps to Follow during daily cleaning

  • Switch off the power source and gas supply
  • Wipe the exterior after confirming that the oven is not hot
  • Remove any food particles from the spaces in the oven
  • Use mild soap and warm water to wipe off grease
  • Clean the vents and any other parts remaining

It’s necessary to have a general cleaning for the oven occasionally to ensure that all removable parts are removed and cleaned. Daily cleaning will ensure that the oven will run smoothly without hassles.

  • Regular Maintenance

Ensure that you have a commercial appliance maintenance team that will regularly inspect the oven, remove all the parts that are removable, grease and cleans especially the more complicated parts of the equipment. It’s also important to check on parts that need replacement and immediately contact the commercial appliance repair experts. It’s essential to maintain schedules to ensure that the equipment is serviced on time.

It’s critical to ensure that the right process is followed while cleaning the oven to ensure it last long. Equally important is the operators of the equipment understanding how it works. Lack of know-how on how the machines work is one of the leading causes of the constant breakdown of the oven. Contact commercial appliance repair experts every so often to ensure that your equipment is working well.




Can you use commercial ovens at your home?

A cooking oven is a basic necessity for every household. But have you wondered why some people opt for commercial ovens in their home even when it is expensive and tougher to acquire? The reason is probably that people who love to cook and need oven more often find it easier to cook in commercial ovens because of the larger surface area and the ability to cook larger quantity at the same time. Another advantage of the appliances is that there are many commercial oven repair service providers available in the market compared to the domestic ovens. Thus, whenever you experience a breakdown, you can simply get their parts replaced instead of replacing the appliance on a whole.

Advantages and disadvantages of commercial ovens:

Though there are competent differences in both the commercial and domestic ovens, the commercial ones can win over the residential ovens due to a larger surface area which offers a better cooking experience for the chefs and foodies. Structurally commercial ovens are also different from residential ones as they are provided with six over the top burners on the upper part of the stove whereas the lower part is much wider and deeper than the residential version. Another important feature of these commercial ovens is that they have bigger knobs which are actually more convenient in controlling heat than the conventional household ovens. However, a major drawback of the commercial ovens is that they are bulkier and consume more space than the regular ones. So, even if you are a start-up owner, you must weigh the utilities of the commercial ovens and their types before you order them.

Types of commercial ovens:

The types are divided according to the need of the product and the industry that uses them. For baking industry, the oven to be most useful is an upright oven which is needed to keep the bread and baked products in several racks in the upright position. Then again for pizza making industries, the ovens made are apt for baking the base and preparing the toppings. Most industries dealing with multiple products have varieties of ovens to produce multiple items.

How to purchase commercial ovens:

Commercial ovens being highly popular these days, there are numerous sellers and restaurants supply chains, who offer a wide variety of models to suit your purpose. They can be collected easily from furniture and kitchen equipment sellers or from large restaurant suppliers because usually, they offer authentic and durable products, which will last for long. Also, they will provide you quality commercial gas oven repair services Alexandria, in case of appliance breakdown. Whether being in a business or for a home use, commercial ovens are an absolute necessity now. Make sure you pick the quality products, for a hassle-free cooking experience.





List of Appliances Used in a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is consisting of many types of appliances that are required to prepare food for hungry customers. The appliances are the important part of the commercial kitchens.  Many of the commercial appliances are the same as home appliances, but in a commercial kitchen setting these equipment are larger and more powerful to be capable to prepare larger batches of meals for the cafeteria’s or restaurant’s customers. The commercial kitchen appliances demand more maintenance than home appliances, as they are used more. You need to schedule commercial appliances repair as soon as you notice any problem to prevent the expensive repair or replacement.

Learn about commercial kitchen appliances

Different commercial appliances serve for different purposes. All the appliances have their own significance in the commercial kitchen setting. The appliances not only ease the work of your staff, but also increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

Commercial ovens

A commercial oven is the most used appliance in any type of commercial kitchen. This appliance is required to heat food to cook or warm. There are many type and size of ovens available to full fill the different needs of the different commercial kitchens. Ovens used in a commercial kitchen are normally bigger than the domestic ovens so that more food can be prepared at the same time. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for gas oven or electric oven.

Commercial refrigerators

A commercial kitchen requires different types of refrigeration units to operate efficiently. A refrigeration unit is set to a specified temperature to store vegetables and beverages. For convenience, commercial refrigeration units are made from glass doors so that staff can see the food they require from outside and need not have to spend time opening and closing the door, which can expose the stored food to warmer temperatures, tempering the freshness of the food. In order to keep food fresh for longer time, it is important to pay attention over commercial refrigerator maintenance. You can take help of ice cream freezer repair services Vienna to keep all your refrigeration units in tip-top condition.

Commercial ice machines

Commercial ice machines serve one purpose –make ice in large quantity for the kitchen. These machines first prepare ice from water and then split the ice into smaller cubes. Ice machine is small yet necessary part of the commercial kitchens.



Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Commercial Ovens

After purchasing commercial oven, you may want to ensure that you keep it in good condition to avoid costly commercial oven repair. Whether you own a small pizza oven or a full sized commercial kitchen oven, commercial oven is one of the major investments for your business, and you should maintain it to make sure you get the maximum return of your investment. The more cautious you remain about maintaining your cooking equipment, the more money you will save in the long run.

Paying attention over commercial ovens

Just like any other restaurant equipment, commercial ovens require regular cleaning and maintenance. Most of the maintenance tasks are quite easy and will be done on a weekly or monthly basis, but that consistent effort to can make a huge difference.

Commercial Oven Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Over time, commercial ovens develop heat and cooking inefficiencies.  You may begin to observe that your oven starts taking longer to cook as compared to what it used to.  The heating costs will increase, and marks of diffused heat will be visible around the oven.  These heating issues occur because of a loose-fitting seal of oven door. In order to avoid this issue, check oven seal on the regular basis and do not put too much force on oven door.

Efficiency of commercial oven also decreases because of badly calibrated thermostat. It is important check to if your thermostats are correctly calibrated every few months.  In order to calibrate, make use of thermometer and evaluate the set temperature.  If you find difference, then you need to re-calibrate the oven controls.

In-build programs and buttons for cooking may get badly calibrated as well.  You may notice that, your oven is not cooking as well with the preset program and button.  Check out the re-calibrating settings to resolve this issue.

When your oven is not cleaned properly, you will notice performance issues such as presence of strange flavor and even smoke.  Avoiding these problems is a simple matter of cleaning. Cleaning of commercial oven is very important for performance and efficiency of the appliance. You can schedule professional commercial range repair Vienna and cleaning every month, and instruct your staff to clean the oven thoroughly every week. However, spills should be cleaned immediately. The longer you wait more stubborn the spills become.