Turn to garbage disposal service to keep your store clean and hygienic

When it comes to your home or office, you install high-efficiency home appliances and gadgets to ease your house chores and maximize the convenience level. Garbage disposal may not be one of the problems which top your priority list, but it too can offer endless benefits, especially in a commercial complex if appropriately used. If you have not been paying attention to the commercial garbage disposal maintenance, it’s time to reconsider your decision.

Why is garbage disposal maintenance essential?

It is practically impossible to dispose of every single trash item in a commercial complex. So, your employees prefer to dump the leftover food items like fish or chicken bones, celery stalks and the fats, grease or oils in the trash cans, which keeps accumulating for a prolonged period. It is not only messy but unhygienic too. Keeping a commercial area clean and well-maintained also uplifts the mood of the employees and creates a good impression on the clients. The professional garbage disposal service makes the task convenient and faster rather than doing it manually.

The benefits of opting for professional garbage disposal service:

Opting for a professional garbage disposal service not only makes the cleaning and maintenance task easier and hassle-free, but it brings in a plethora of benefits in the long run:

  • It makes the commercial complex easier to clean and maintain.
  • You and your employees deal with less trash every day.
  • The complex will smell better and hygienic.
  • It will impress the potential customers or clients.
  • Expect less clogging and leakage in the pipes.
  • The maintenance cost will reduce significantly, and you will get save money in the long run.

Avoid dumping food scrapes down the pipes:

Unless you opt for a professional garbage disposal service, your employees are likely to drop the excess food scraps down the pipes. The result is frequently clogged pipes and leakage, which will drain your hard earned cash and your valuable time. The best way to avoid the situation is to opt for the commercial garbage disposal service Fairfax and prevent the garbage from blocking the drainage system.

Create an eco-friendly environment at the commercial complex:

Nobody is fond of garbage. A barrel full of the stinking garbage can irritate anyone who visits your store or office. By recycling the organic waste products timely, you are also fostering the bond with nature and creating an odorless eco-friendly environment at the commercial complex.





Commercial Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you have just installed garbage disposal unit in your restaurant kitchen or you are a long time commercial garbage disposal user, understanding how to look after the unit will go a long way in keeping your disposal unit in good condition for a long period of time. Garbage disposals are one of the valuable equipment, when used properly.

If you are cautious with what you put in your unit, and keep it clean, it will offer you years of carefree service. Many of the garbage disposal unit problems can be avoided by hiring commercial garbage disposal service, and paying attention over the maintenance.

Commercial garbage disposal care and maintenance

The most common problem associated with garbage disposal units is stinking. This occurs because of failure to run sufficient water through and to make sure everything is properly flushed out. To keep your unit clean and fresh, consider the following tips:

  • Leftover food particles should be grind thoroughly before going down the drain. Thus, allow the food particles to grind properly before draining.
  • It is important to schedule the garbage disposal unit cleaning every week. This small maintenance step will keep it fresh for long period of time.
  • You can eliminate odor by pouring citrus juice in the unit. The citrus juice will not only clean the unit, but also keep it fresh.
  • Freeze vinegar in ice cube trays and grind in the garbage disposal unit. This will prevent the bacterial build-up, and thus eliminate bad odor. It is also important to maintain hygiene in kitchen.

Another concern associated with garbage disposal unit is what you can drain. However, what you can or cannot drain in your unit depends on the power of your appliance. There are some items that you should never drain in your appliance, such as:

  • Fibrous Foods
  • Grease, fat and oil
  • Garbage
  • Hard to grind foods

Commercial garbage disposal units are one of the most ignored appliances in restaurants and cafes. It is important to pay attention over commercial garbage disposal maintenance. You can improve the aura of your restaurant or café kitchen by keeping your garbage disposal unit in good condition. In order to do this task, you need to train your staff regarding garbage disposal unit. They should know what to drain and how to drain in the garbage disposal unit.



Restaurant Appliance Broken? How To Find The Right Technician

Restaurant owners want their commercial appliance to work with full efficiency, so that they can smoothly run their business. A lot of kitchen activities rely on the commercial kitchen appliances. If one of the appliances stops working, business gets affected. In such situation, it is important to find the right commercial appliance repair technician as soon as possible. Only a qualified technician can solve the commercial appliance problems. Restaurant appliances are bigger and more complicated. It is not possible to fix these appliances without professional help. You may end up aggravating the appliance problem while attempting DIY repair.

Restaurant appliance repair problems

All commercial appliances are important in food service industry. Whether it is commercial freezer, commercial range, walk-in refrigerator, ice-cream machine, beverage air, garbage disposal unit, deep fryer or ice machine, each appliance has its own importance in the commercial kitchen. Breakdown of either appliance will create chaotic situation in the kitchen. Thus, it is mandatory to hire the commercial appliance repair service provider as soon as possible.

Hiring commercial appliance repair technician

While hiring the commercial appliance repair technician, you should look for following qualities:

  • The appliance repair technician should be certified, licensed or bonded. You may find many local technicians, but all technicians are not equally skilled and experienced. In order to evaluate the technician, you can ask for certification, license, insurance etc.
  • The appliance repair technician should be capable of handling various brands. All commercial appliances are not same. The appliances of different brands have different internal structures. When you hire the technician, ask about the appliance brands he has repaired in the past. This will give you an idea about the experience of the technician.
  • The appliance repair service provider should be capable of handling various types of commercial kitchen appliances, so that you need not have to hire different technicians for different appliances.
  • The restaurant appliance repair service provider should provide prompt service. This is important to keep your business running. You can directly ask about the waiting time on call. You can even negotiate the waiting time.
  • The appliance repair technician should provide the appliance replacement service, if required.
  • The appliance repair services should be cost-effective. You can compare the rate-card of various technicians, and then finalize the best option.


Steps To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Appliance Clean And Working Longer

Commercial kitchen appliances worth a big fortune and every restaurant owner purchase commercial appliance to get lucrative returns of investment. Well, commercial kitchen appliances maintenance is mandatory to enjoy long-term services from them. The maintenance of restaurant appliances should not be a difficult task. You can set some rules for your employees and hire commercial appliance services for regular cleaning and maintenance of your expensive appliances.

Maintenance of restaurant appliances

The best way to make your restaurant appliances last longer is ensuring your employees follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance instructions. Whether it is commercial refrigerator, freezer, oven, cooktop, fryer or garbage disposal unit, all these appliances should be cleaned after use. Instruct your employees to perform cleaning task on the regular basis. Food and liquid spills not only decrease the life span of your commercial kitchen appliances, but also reduces their efficiency.

Maintenance of hot-side commercial appliances

  • Check gaskets and hinges on ovens to ensure that strong seals are in place, so that you can maintain safe and secure operating temperatures.
  • Check if the pilot and other flames are burning properly. Blue flames indicate proper temperatures.
  • Get rid of any excess buildup on the burning parts of broilers and ranges to enhance the energy efficiency of your oven.
  • Adequately manage the oil filter of fryer and perform the required boil out process to increase the usage of oil and cook good quality products.
  • Clean cooktop, microwave oven and fryer after every use. Make habit of cleaning fresh spills. And make sure to use right detergent for the cleaning purpose.

Maintenance of cold-side commercial appliances

  • Check the gaskets of cooling units to make sure that seals are strong and placed correctly, so that your appliances operate on safe temperatures.
  • Clean the compressors, condensers and evaporator coils of all your cooling appliances.
  • De-frost ice machines regularly and hire ice machine technicians to make sure your appliance is cleaned properly.
  • Empty filter baskets to ensure the water drains easily.
  • Clean exterior parts of your refrigerating units to clean the spills of food and drinks.
  • Use appropriate cleaning agents to perform cleaning tasks.

So, these are a few commercial appliance maintenance measures that you can take to keep your commercial restaurant appliances in healthy working condition. The more you pay attention over appliance maintenance, the longer you can enjoy their services.