Commercial Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you have just installed garbage disposal unit in your restaurant kitchen or you are a long time commercial garbage disposal user, understanding how to look after the unit will go a long way in keeping your disposal unit in good condition for a long period of time. Garbage disposals are one of the valuable equipment, when used properly.

If you are cautious with what you put in your unit, and keep it clean, it will offer you years of carefree service. Many of the garbage disposal unit problems can be avoided by hiring commercial garbage disposal service, and paying attention over the maintenance.

Commercial garbage disposal care and maintenance

The most common problem associated with garbage disposal units is stinking. This occurs because of failure to run sufficient water through and to make sure everything is properly flushed out. To keep your unit clean and fresh, consider the following tips:

  • Leftover food particles should be grind thoroughly before going down the drain. Thus, allow the food particles to grind properly before draining.
  • It is important to schedule the garbage disposal unit cleaning every week. This small maintenance step will keep it fresh for long period of time.
  • You can eliminate odor by pouring citrus juice in the unit. The citrus juice will not only clean the unit, but also keep it fresh.
  • Freeze vinegar in ice cube trays and grind in the garbage disposal unit. This will prevent the bacterial build-up, and thus eliminate bad odor. It is also important to maintain hygiene in kitchen.

Another concern associated with garbage disposal unit is what you can drain. However, what you can or cannot drain in your unit depends on the power of your appliance. There are some items that you should never drain in your appliance, such as:

  • Fibrous Foods
  • Grease, fat and oil
  • Garbage
  • Hard to grind foods

Commercial garbage disposal units are one of the most ignored appliances in restaurants and cafes. It is important to pay attention over commercial garbage disposal maintenance. You can improve the aura of your restaurant or café kitchen by keeping your garbage disposal unit in good condition. In order to do this task, you need to train your staff regarding garbage disposal unit. They should know what to drain and how to drain in the garbage disposal unit.