Tips for Maintain Your Commercial Gas Oven

Your commercial oven is an investment and it’s imperative that you ensure it last long. You need to ensure that you extend the life of your commercial oven by making sure that you take proper care of it. Make sure that your oven is cleaned and well maintained and that will save you constant trips to the commercial gas oven repair company to have your oven repaired. Taking care of the oven will not only save your money but it will also ensure your business runs smoothly. In this article, we give simple tips to keep your oven working well

Tips to Keep Your Oven Working for Longer

Below some tips to help you maintain your commercial oven.

  • Clean the Oven Often

It’s important to ensure that your commercial oven is cleaned when not in use. Make sure that you not only clean the exterior but also the interior. Schedule a thorough cleaning as often as possible to ensure that all the parts of the oven are kept clean. If your oven has racks make sure they are removed and cleaned daily. Use mild ingredients to clean your oven and avoid using harsh abrasive materials to clean the oven. To remove grease, soak the racks and grates in warm soapy water.

  • Inspect the Door Frequently

Due to continued use, your oven door will wear down. Make sure that your staff understands how the oven works and they will be able to notice any issue before it escalates. If you notice the door seal is broken make sure you invite the commercial gas oven repair team to replace the seal immediately. A broken-down seal will make your commercial oven to use more power and it’s therefore imperative that the repairs are carried out immediately.

  • Clean Grease Build Up

Make sure there is no grease build up on the exhaust fan, fan motor, and blower. Build-up of grease will cause restricted airflow to the oven. Make sure you follow the decreasing instructions given by the commercial gas oven repair team. You can also check degreasing instructions on the manufacturers manual. In case of any damage to the parts makes sure you call the commercial oven repair team immediately.

  • Ensure the Thermostat is Properly Calibrated

The thermostat may lose its calibration from time to time. make sure the commercial kitchen appliance repair checks it often to ensure that the oven maintains the right temperature. The commercial appliance repair expert will advise on whether your thermostat needs to be replaced.

  • Replace the Gas Line

To ensure your gas oven is working optimally make sure the commercial appliance repair team replace the gas line often. Replacing the gas line will also ensure that your staff is safe while using the oven.

  • Unplug the oven When Cleaning with water

When cleaning the inside of the oven make sure you unplug it to avoid electrocution. After unplugging you can clean the oven thoroughly and ensure its dry before you plug it back.

  • Inspect the Oven Burners Often

Make sure the oven burners are working well and there are no deformities. Make sure that any burners that are spoilt are replaced immediately.

  • Clean the spills immediately

Make sure that you clean off the spills immediately. Spills may block the vents and make your oven ineffective.

  • Schedule servicing and Maintenance

It’s important to follow the service and maintenance schedule of your commercial gas oven to ensure that it works optimally. Make sure the service schedule given by the commercial kitchen appliance repair team is followed diligently. During the servicing make sure that all parts of the oven are assessed and changed in case any is broken down.

Do’s to Follow When Using Your Commercial Oven

  • Wait till burners cool down before you begin cleaning them. After they have cooled make soak them in warm water and a mild detergent and then clean them.
  • Make sure the oven parts are completely dry before you place them back to the oven
  • Don’t use excessive water while cleaning the burners. Excessive water may inhibit ignition.

It’s important to follow the commercial appliance repair  Virginia and service schedule to keep your oven working optimally. Make sure that the staff in your restaurant or institution understand how the commercial oven operates and they are able to detect any issue immediately.

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