The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Garbage Disposal Systems

The garbage disposal system plays a crucial role in shredding food waste into small pieces that won’t clog the drainage pipes keeping your work environment clean and fresh. A commercial garbage disposal makes the kitchen environment clean and it’s important that its well cared for and maintained. Taking care of the garbage disposal system will ensure that you don’t experience problems such as odor that can lead to loss of clientele and business closure. Although most people fail to call the commercial garbage disposal repair team for maintenance and check-up, it’s important that the disposal system is checked often. In this post, we tell you what you should do to keep the system working for long and what you should avoid.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Do’s

  • Make sure that you train your employees on how to use the garbage disposal. You can use the manufacturers manual or ask the commercial appliance repair team for tutorials on how to maintain the garbage disposal system and ensure it lasts long.
  • Have the commercial garbage disposal maintenance team install the disposal system to avoid any issues. The commercial garbage disposal repair team has the necessary expertise to ensure that your garbage disposal system is well installed.
  • When items such as spoons fall in the garbage disposal, turn off the disposal systems and use tongs to retrieve anything that has fallen inside.
  • Make sure that your staff understands how to clean the garbage disposal system.
  • When you have large chunks of waste, cut them into small pieces and then put in the disposal system.
  • Periodically add ice cubes to the commercial disposal unit to clean the system
  • Turn on medium to strong cold-water flow before you begin the disposing of waste. Run the water after you finish running disposing to ensure that you leave the unit clean.
  • Use the garbage disposal system regularly to avoid rust and corrosion, and also ensure all parts are running smoothly.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Don’t

  • Don’t put nonorganic waste into the disposal system. Waste such as tea bags, wrapping, plastic, foils can cause the disposal system to jam.
  • Don’t dispose of strong fibers that can wrap around the parts and cause clogging.
  • Don’t add oil or fatty foods into the garbage system as that will clog the system.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your garbage disposal system. Invest in cleaning products that are meant for disposal systems. Talk to the commercial garbage disposal repair company on the best detergent for your system.
  • Don’t use hot water during the food grinding process.

How to Clean the Garbage Disposal System

Consult the commercial appliance service team on how best to clean the garbage disposal unit. Below steps on how to clean the unit:

Use Ice and Salt as they help loosen oil and grime from the garbage disposal. The rough texture of the salt and ice will help loosen any stuck particles from the system.

Pour 1 cup of baking soda or vinegar into the unit and they will help combat odors and unclog the system.

Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working for long

  • Avoid Foods that Expand

Foods such as rice, mashed potatoes, pasta expand in water and that will clog your disposal system.

  • Clean the Unit Regularly

Failing to clean the garbage disposal unit will lead to odors and that could lead to your business closure.

  • Use dishwashing detergent that de-greases your dishes

Grease holds the bacteria that causes your unit to have a bad smell. Use detergents that de-grease your dishes to minimize the chances of grease remaining in the system.

  • Call the Commercial garbage disposal repair team

If you notice that your unit is constantly clogging call the repair team as that could lead to more serious issues and force you to close your kitchen. Ask the repair team the kind of disposal your unit can handle and ensure that every team member is aware.

The above simple tips will keep your garbage disposal unit working properly and for long. Make sure that you call the commercial appliance repair  Virginia team as stipulated in the maintenance schedule to carry out service and check on how well your disposal unit is working. Make sure that your employees understand how the disposal unit works and that will ensure that it works well for long.