Things To Know About Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Buying equipment for restaurant is a huge responsibility. One wrong move and all your hard earned cash goes down the drain. Talking about used equipment, of course it would be cheaper than brand new restaurant accessories, but still, you should be careful. Looking for something in good form is important because you don’t want spending money on commercial appliances service, right?

We have gathered some tips to make sure you get authentic equipment in exchange for your bucks.

Look for NSF Logo

It is recommended to look for NSF logo on any restaurant equipment, which you want to buy. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has blue logos printed either, on the equipment or its packaging. The logo ensures that the equipment is up to food industry standards.

Buying NSF logo imprinted equipment gives a message that food safety is a top priority in your kitchen.

Compare The Rates

Don’t rely on only one dealer. Scout the internet, compare the prices and then ask a network of dealers. Inspect the rates and the equipment. It will be quite a hassle, but in the end it would be worth it. You can also check out with commercial appliances services, they sometimes have good stuff for sale (but that’s a by chance thing).

Check Out the Auctions

Keep an eye out for auctions. Some former restaurant owners try to auction their equipment and restaurant furniture and chances are that you can easily get good quality restaurant equipment for a cheap price. HANDY…right?

Buying What You Need

Ever heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” You don’t need all the equipment you see in fancy hotels. Save some of your cash and look for absolute necessary equipment.

When running a restaurant, one thing is more important than mere equipment. It is the ability to earn customer trust with good cooking skills. So don’t put all your eggs inside one basket. The world of today is dynamic. Be strong in all of your areas, especially in the area of commercial kitchen appliance services.

Inspecting The Equipment

Before you sign up the payment order, it is important to thoroughly check-up your commercial equipment of kitchen appliance – the one which you are about to buy. The equipment is not free. You paid money for it so it is only fair to have it thoroughly checked. Have a team of formidable professionals checking the authenticity of equipment. Sometimes during shipping, products are damaged. In that case, be sure to launch complain at the address of shipping service. It is important to know that as a buyer, it is your responsibility to make damage claims.

Ask questions from the dealer selling the commercial appliances. Ask him to show the receipts from where he/she originally bought the equipment. This is not compulsory but will increase trust between the two parties.

Local Codes

Before finalizing any equipment, you should look through the local codes of health, fire and building codes. The purpose being that what maybe legal in some states, may not be legal in other. Consult your local government to know that your commercial appliances are legal to permit in a particular community. Failure to uphold the local codes could result in penalty damage of millions of dollars so make sure your equipment is up to the standards of commercial kitchen appliance services fairfax.



Why You Should Install A Waste Disposal Device Now

Having a proper waste disposal system is important both in residential and commercial properties. That is why a garbage disposal device is important to help you manage trash. It will help prevent the smell of uncollected garbage waft through the entire room. But for sudden breakdowns, you should call commercial appliances repair companies near you.

Types of food disposal device

Garbage disposer devices are usually installed under sinks and specially made to dispose of waste efficiently. There are two common types of garbage disposer devices, which are the following:

  1. Batch-feed

This type of garbage disposal device should be full of waste first before you can use it. As the term suggests, it disposes of waste by batch. On a positive note, it is safe to use especially among families with young children.

On the downside, this type of waste disposal device can be expensive for some. Since it should be full to the brim before it does the job, waste disposal can take some time. As a result, unpleasant garbage smell may spread within the room.

  1. Continuous-feed

In contrast with batch-feed, you don’t have to wait for it to be full before it does its waste disposal process. Instead, you can keep on throwing waste as often as you need because it continuously processes the waste until ground to bits and washed off from the pipes.

Although it is easier to use, it can be potentially hazardous for small children. That is why you should ensure the device is secured enough and child-proof. Breakdowns are inevitable, so you should call a commercial garbage disposal repair service personnel immediately.

Why food disposers are important

All types of appliances are important in our lives, whether we use it at home or for business purposes. If your commercial refrigerator breaks down, you should call commercial refrigerator services to help you with repairs. The same goes for broken ovens – calling over a commercial oven repair personnel is a must.

Meanwhile, waste disposal devices are as important as your other kitchen and home appliances. It effectively and efficiently grounds food waste and other garbage. Once grounded, you can either use it as an eco-friendly compost or let it flow off the pipes.

It may not be as commonly used as other appliances, but it does have its own perks. Among these are the following:

  1. It is environment-friendly.

You are helping Mother Nature because you’re not using plastic bags to throw out your trash. Because you use plastic bags less, you can save money for other important things. It’s a win-win situation for both the environment and your household or business.

  1. It does not clog the pipes.

You will be amazed how garbage disposal devices can efficiently shred off waste that it won’t clog your drain. You would have to buy one to believe it.

  1. It is easy to operate and energy-efficient.

It does not consume too much electricity and water. Simply turn it off when not in use. Plus, it won’t smell like the typical garbage disposal system (a.k.a. using a garbage bag).

  1. It is easy to maintain.

Apparently, you can clean it using baking soda, and even clean itself while processing the garbage.

  1. It is safe and disease-free.

It does not use plastic bags and instead ground the garbage to bits. As a result, there will be no smell and presence of flies and other bugs and pests that can bring illnesses within the household.

Choosing a garbage disposal device

In choosing a garbage disposal device, you should consider if there are commercial garbage disposal repair servicemen nearby. This will ensure that the concern will be addressed immediately. Here are also some things to consider:

  • Your local area’s disposer policy – there are some areas that need permission to use a garbage disposal device.
  • Your septic tank’s size – you can consult your local environmental health official or local building inspector
  • Your water consumption – your water bill may increase depending on how often you use your waste disposal device.
  • Your plumbing system – make sure to have it cleaned and fixed before installing a waste disposer.
  • Features – some offer up to lifetime warranty, as well as features like an auto-reverse mode to clear off waste jamming.
  • Accessibility to repair shops – make sure that you are familiar with commercial appliance repair centers in case of breakdowns.


It is important to think carefully when buying an appliance or an electric device such as garbage disposers. It is also important to choose a reliable commercial kitchen appliance repair in Fairfax in case your waste disposal device breaks down.