Things To Know About Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Buying equipment for restaurant is a huge responsibility. One wrong move and all your hard earned cash goes down the drain. Talking about used equipment, of course it would be cheaper than brand new restaurant accessories, but still, you should be careful. Looking for something in good form is important because you don’t want spending money on commercial appliances service, right?

We have gathered some tips to make sure you get authentic equipment in exchange for your bucks.

Look for NSF Logo

It is recommended to look for NSF logo on any restaurant equipment, which you want to buy. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has blue logos printed either, on the equipment or its packaging. The logo ensures that the equipment is up to food industry standards.

Buying NSF logo imprinted equipment gives a message that food safety is a top priority in your kitchen.

Compare The Rates

Don’t rely on only one dealer. Scout the internet, compare the prices and then ask a network of dealers. Inspect the rates and the equipment. It will be quite a hassle, but in the end it would be worth it. You can also check out with commercial appliances services, they sometimes have good stuff for sale (but that’s a by chance thing).

Check Out the Auctions

Keep an eye out for auctions. Some former restaurant owners try to auction their equipment and restaurant furniture and chances are that you can easily get good quality restaurant equipment for a cheap price. HANDY…right?

Buying What You Need

Ever heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” You don’t need all the equipment you see in fancy hotels. Save some of your cash and look for absolute necessary equipment.

When running a restaurant, one thing is more important than mere equipment. It is the ability to earn customer trust with good cooking skills. So don’t put all your eggs inside one basket. The world of today is dynamic. Be strong in all of your areas, especially in the area of commercial kitchen appliance services.

Inspecting The Equipment

Before you sign up the payment order, it is important to thoroughly check-up your commercial equipment of kitchen appliance – the one which you are about to buy. The equipment is not free. You paid money for it so it is only fair to have it thoroughly checked. Have a team of formidable professionals checking the authenticity of equipment. Sometimes during shipping, products are damaged. In that case, be sure to launch complain at the address of shipping service. It is important to know that as a buyer, it is your responsibility to make damage claims.

Ask questions from the dealer selling the commercial appliances. Ask him to show the receipts from where he/she originally bought the equipment. This is not compulsory but will increase trust between the two parties.

Local Codes

Before finalizing any equipment, you should look through the local codes of health, fire and building codes. The purpose being that what maybe legal in some states, may not be legal in other. Consult your local government to know that your commercial appliances are legal to permit in a particular community. Failure to uphold the local codes could result in penalty damage of millions of dollars so make sure your equipment is up to the standards of commercial kitchen appliance services fairfax.