What kind of refrigeration is best for a restaurant?

Refrigeration system is the integral part of any restaurant kitchen. Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers, ice-machines to colossal walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and everything in between. It is important to choose the right refrigeration units according to needs and requirements of your commercial kitchen, and it is also important to hire the True refrigerator repair services for proper maintenance of your refrigeration appliances.

Buying Restaurant Refrigeration

Carefully purchasing the right type of refrigeration units for your restaurant will help you in running your restaurant smoothly and will be an add-on for staff members. Before investing in any refrigeration appliances, you need to figure-out what kind of appliances you really need in your commercial kitchen. The concept and size of your restaurant will play an important role in deciding what refrigeration appliance you should buy.

If you have small space for kitchen, then a large walk-in refrigerator won’t be suitable for it. If you serve a lot of frozen foods, such as chicken wings, fries, and onion rings, then you will to have to buy a big freezer. There are plenty of refrigeration appliances for commercial kitchens, you should wisely invest your money in right appliances.

Types of Restaurant Refrigeration

Reach-In Coolers

Reach-In Coolers are useful in kitchen and bar of the restaurants. These refrigeration units are low to ground, and have 2 or 3 doors. These refrigeration units should not be placed near cooking area. You can install them in waiting area.

Refrigeration Drawers

Refrigeration Drawers are under counter refrigeration. These refrigeration units are great for small commercial kitchens. They can be installed directly into a cooking line and can store poultry, seafood or meat for the grills.

Walk-In Coolers

Walk-In Coolers comes in various sizes. They can be as small as closet and big as the living room. These refrigeration units can store big boxes of produce, blocks of cheese, buckets of food, and anything else that are bulky, large and perishable. You can select the size of your walk-in refrigerator as per the needs and requirements of your commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Freezers

Restaurant Freezers are like coolers. They can be walk-ins or reach-ins. It is good to remember that commercial freezers are not for storing or making ice. Instead, buy an ice machine for this purpose. The overuse of freezer may cause failure and you may end up with the task of ice cream freezer repair.