Tips for Maintaining Standard Commercial Ovens

After getting your own commercial oven, the only thing you want is to keep it in good condition. In order to enjoy the interrupt free services from your commercial oven, you will have to pay attention over commercial oven maintenance. The maintenance is the key to avoid appliance failure and costly repair.  You can enjoy services of your commercial oven for years to come by paying attention over its maintenance needs. For proper maintenance –you should train your staff, hire professional appliance repair services time to time, and read user manual properly. Different brands of commercial ovens have different maintenance needs. You need to understand your appliance before making maintenance strategy.

How to Clean a Commercial Oven

Keeping your commercial oven clean is important to avoid performance issues and even, flavor issues. If any food remains inside or on the burners, they may create smoke and destroy the flavor of your dishes.

Commercial oven cleaning tips

The very first thing you are required to do is cleaning the fans of your commercial oven. In order to work efficiently, your oven should be able to release excess heat. That is why you should clean the fans daily to prevent grease buildup.

Sometimes sealing on your oven can crack. This will result in increasing your cooking time and decreasing oven temperature, because of heat loss. If you want your oven to work properly, inspect the door sealing every week and whenever you notice problems.

The convection ovens must be cleaned from inside with proper oven cleaners, and do not touch the temperature gauge while cleaning the interior of the oven. The conveyor ovens are usually cleaned with the help of a wet rag and light oven cleaning agent. You should never ever use caustic cleaners or water, which can rust and damage your oven from inside (carefully read manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your oven).

It is important to clean electric terminals as well, as the electrical terminals will gather dust and dirt over time. You need to clean off that dirt. When cleaning the terminals, you should check the screws and tight them, if required.

Commercial oven cleaning is a big task. No matter how much your staff pay attention over the maintenance and cleaning, some parts of the oven remained unclean, and only commercial oven service alexandria provider can clean the oven properly. Thus, you should schedule the commercial inspection every month.