How to Make Your Commercial Dishwasher More Efficient

Commercial dishwashers consume a lot of electricity and water. If dishwasher does not work with full efficiency, a lot of water and electricity get wasted. Scheduling dishwasher maintenance by restaurant appliance repair service technician is the responsibility of restaurant owner. When dishwasher is properly maintained, it will consume less energy and save you a lot of money in long run.

Commercial dishwasher maintenance

Commercial dishwasher is one of the most expensive appliances that you have in your restaurant kitchen. Along with draining water, this appliance can drain your profit if not maintained properly. From installation to placement, and from daily cleaning to professional maintenance, everything is needed to make this appliance work effectively and efficiently in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial dishwasher maintenance tips

You should pre-rinse the dishes before placing it in the dishwasher. This will increase the efficiency of your dishwasher by keeping the food particles out and water clean. This will let you have lower water settings with the same results.

You should install water softener in your kitchen. Hard water can damage your dishwasher to some extent. Such water can deposit minerals on the working components of your dishwasher. The calcium deposits eventually decreases its efficiency. The calcium deposits make your machine t to work harder, and thus your dishwasher uses more energy.

You should always run your dishwasher with full load. Train your restaurant staff members to load the dishwasher with its full capacity, so that no energy will get wasted.  Also, do not overload your dishwasher.

Generally, different brands of commercial dishwashers have different factory settings. You should set your machine to optimal flow pressure to make it work efficiently. If the water pressure is too high it can damage your appliance or the dishes. Likewise, if it is too low, it can leave your dishes unclean after the cycle.

Many dishwasher come with manual and auto modes. The auto mode runs your dishwasher with default settings while in manual mode you can make suitable changes in the settings according to your needs and requirements. It is recommended to use manual mode as per your needs.

It is important to clean the dishwasher every day. Instruct your staff members to clean the dishwasher at the end of the day. If dishwasher is not cleaned on the regular basis, it will get clogged.

The moment you notice any breakdown in your dishwasher, call dishwasher repair services Alexandria as soon as possible. Do not use your dishwasher without repair.