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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List

One of the biggest challenges of running a commercial kitchen is keeping it clean.  With multiple activities happening at the same time, from oil flying out at the fryer, to spills on the kitchen counter, to parsley ground into the cutting boards, regular cleaning seems to be an overwhelming task, if you don’t have your kitchen organized. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances cannot be ignored at any cost. Commercial kitchen appliances are expensive investment. These appliances also require regular cleaning to work at their full efficiency. Thus, you are required to hire the commercial appliance repair services to keep your commercial appliances in the good condition.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning

To maintain the hygiene of your restaurant kitchen, you have to divide the cleaning tasks into three categories –daily cleaning chores, weekly cleaning chores and monthly cleaning chores. Some tasks need be done several times a day, while others require to only be done once in a week or month. Proper cleaning of your restaurant kitchen is vital for food safety and can help in lowering food and overall menu costs.

Restaurant kitchen daily cleaning tasks

  • Clean fryer, grill, cutting board, preparation table and steam table at regular interval.
  • Empty sanitizing buckets and trash bins.
  • Wash and sanitize all working surfaces.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor.
  • Clean spills on kitchen appliances.
  • Clean walk-in refrigerator.
  • Clean grease trap.
  • Run hood filters through commercial dishwasher.

Restaurant kitchen weekly cleaning tasks

Each cleaning tasks can be rotated throughout the week, so that you need not have to do everything at one day.

  • Empty your coolers and freezers, and wash and sanitize
  • Delime faucets and sinks for better performance.
  • Properly clean your coffee machine.
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions to clean your gas oven and microwave oven.
  • Clean your dishwasher thoroughly.
  • Manage the items of your walk-in refrigerator

Restaurant kitchen monthly cleaning tasks

Just like weekly cleaning chores, you can divide the monthly cleaning chores of your commercial kitchen throughout the month.

  • Thoroughly wash your stove, fryer and oven to prevent the fire hazards.
  • Properly clean the freezers.
  • Empty and clean the ice machine
  • Wash walls and ceilings of your kitchen.
  • Clean the dry storage area.
  • Hire commercial appliance services Vienna and get your commercial kitchen appliance inspected and repaired.
  • Change pest traps.

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