How to Get the Most out of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Whether you own a small coffee shop or a big restaurant, commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is an absolute must. Skipping maintenance means risking the thousands of dollars that you have spent on the equipment. On the other hand, opting commercial appliance services for regular upkeep will not only increase the lifespan of the commercial appliances, but it will also make your appliances run efficiently.

Maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances

Fortunately, commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is easier than you think. Hiring commercial appliance technician for regular cleaning and inspection is one aspect, and taking care of your equipment by yourself is another. Along with scheduling professional appliance maintenance, you will also have to pay attention over your commercial kitchen appliances.

How to Clean Coffee Machine

If you serve delicious caffeinated beverages, it is essential to keep your commercial coffee machine clean. While coffee machine styles vary from brand to brand, a good rule of thumb is to perform a routine cleaning of the entire machine every day after closing. The entire cleaning process usually requires 15 minutes. So it is a simple chore to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your coffee machine.

How to Maintain Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers maybe one of the most expensive purchases that you have made for your kitchen. Proper maintenance is crucial to get the profitable return of your investment. To effectually maintain your dishwasher, routine cleanings should not be overlooked. Dishwashers contain many parts that are directly exposed to food particles, so it is mandatory that dishwasher is cleaned on a regular basis to avoid buildup.

How to Clean Commercial Oven

Commercial oven maintenance is a simple way of reducing the risk of fire and ensuring delicious-tasting food. To efficiently maintain commercial oven, try to clean the interior of oven each and every day by removing excess food and crumbs. The oven racks should also be removed and washed properly. Once a month, perform a thorough cleaning and hire commercial oven repairs Fairfax services for this purpose.

How to Monitor Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerator maintenance can’t be stressed enough because if you do not keep your refrigeration appliances in the good condition, it can result in food waste and energy loss. There are plenty of things that you can do to make sure your commercial refrigeration appliances remain efficient, such as: inspecting condenser coils, checking air flow and cleaning gaskets.