Can You Use Commercial Kitchen Equipment at Home?

Whether you’re a carnivore or a vegan, we all need food to nourish our bodies and minds. Food is meant to be enjoyed, that is why there are a lot of food establishments offering different cuisines that will please the palates of every customer. In other words, the food business would never go out of style.

If you are planning to have one, you should invest in commercial kitchen equipment. At the same time, you need to be prepared for any commercial kitchen appliance repair in case of malfunction. The food industry has boomed over the years, with a lot of cooking shows and gastronomic festivals showcasing various cuisines along with the social media age. That said, cooking can be both ways to earn profit and practice your passion for food.

Can you use a commercial kitchen appliance at home?

The answer depends on how often and where you are going to use kitchen equipment. For one thing, commercial kitchen appliance is usually made of stainless steel and more durable to use than home appliances. Commercial kitchen appliances are also good to use for bulk cooking and entertaining guests.

Unlike home appliances, commercial appliances are made for heavy-duty usage. Some commercial appliances also have other features such as safety buttons that may not be present in home appliances. Because time is gold in the food business, cleaning should be a breeze for commercial appliances. This is one reason why these appliances have materials that are easy to wipe with one swipe.

Going back to the question, the answer is yes. However, this depends on your kitchen setting. Commercial kitchen appliances can be more suitable if you have an outdoor kitchen where you can have outdoor BBQ parties or any weekend gatherings.

Commercial kitchen must-haves

If you want to build a food business, you would need to invest in commercial kitchen equipment. For one, you will need a large storage area to put all of your frozen goods and other food ingredients. You will also need cooking utensils and equipment for food preparation. Among commercial kitchen equipment you would have for your food business include:

Commercial refrigerator

This is important kitchen equipment both for residential and commercial use. Like residential refrigerators, a commercial refrigerator is important to avoid perishable foods from getting spoiled too soon. This includes food ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, and dairy among a few. For repair and maintenance, you should contact commercial refrigerator services.

Commercial freezer

If you have frozen goods for sale, or you need storage for frozen meat or seafood, then having a commercial freezer is also a good idea. It will help preserve food quality and avoid any spoilage. Like any other appliances, you should also call a commercial freezer repairs company for any signs of damage and malfunctioning.

Commercial stove

This will be basically the heart of your food establishment where food preparation will mostly take place. There are different types of stoves you can choose from, whether gas or electrical stovetops. Between the two, the former is more commonly used for commercial food establishments while the latter is preferred by homeowners. Regardless, it is important to address any equipment malfunction and contact deep fryer repair services immediately.

Commercial oven

Ovens are mostly used for baking or roasting pastries and meat, respectively. Meanwhile, there are also ovens that have a built-in gas stove on top. It can be used for commercial purposes, although this is more common for residential use. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure its top-notch function by hiring commercial oven repair services.

Things to consider when using a commercial appliance at home

Just because it is labeled as the “commercial” appliance does it mean you cannot use it at home. As mentioned, it will depend on how often and where you are going to use it (preferably in an outdoor kitchen). In addition, there are other things to consider when you plan on buying a commercial appliance for home use.

Know your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Some local ordinances may require homeowners to follow a policy involving the installation of any commercial appliance. Make sure to confirm with your local area about this.

Prepare for additional utility expenses.

Depending on how often you use the kitchen equipment, you can expect higher bills in the following months.

Contact professionals for your repair needs

It is also important to invest in commercial kitchen appliance repair if there is a need. For repair needs, contact only professional personnel specializing in commercial appliances repair in Northern VA.

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