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Tips to keep your commercial microwave oven in top condition

After purchasing your commercial oven, you may want to keep it in good condition to prevent expensive repairs. Commercial microwave is a heavy duty appliance; always hire a commercial microwave oven technician for regular maintenance of your oven. It is because careless troubleshooting of commercial microwave may cause more damage. Only an experienced technician understands the anatomy of the commercial microwave and work accordingly.

Commercial microwave oven maintenance

In order to increase the lifespan of your commercial oven, you have to follow certain rules while using it. The better you treat your appliance, the longer it will serve you. Also, maintenance is important to make your appliance work efficiently. If you avoid maintenance of your commercial oven, it will not work with full efficiency.

General tips for commercial microwave maintenance

Keep it clean                          

One of the simplest ways of extending the life of your commercial microwave is cleaning. Many commercial users do not realize that food spatters in the microwave can absorb energy, resulting in burns and even damage its own components.

Choose dishware carefully

Materials which are not safe for microwave may catch fire if you use them. Avoid using these items inside your microwave:

  • Metal
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dishware with gold or silver accents

Prevent door damage

Doors are among the most abused parts of the commercial microwaves. People usually slam the microwave door or push them with an elbow (maybe because of lack of free hands) or leave the door open. These practices should be stopped.

Avoid running empty

Running your commercial oven without anything inside can result serious damage. When a microwave is run empty, the energy is absorbed by its own components. These components are not capable of withstanding this kind of exposure.

Take care of weight limitations

In maximum cases, there is no need to worry about the weight capacity of the commercial microwave. However, if you are putting large frozen items or heavier dishes, ensure to check the weight capacity of your appliance.

Know when to call for help

It is important to call the technician for commercial microwave repair, as soon as you notice any issue.

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