Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance


Maintenance of commercial refrigeration appliances is important, especially when it comes to big and expensive appliances like walk-in refrigerators, ice machines, freezers and beverage air repair. These refrigeration appliances are used on the regular basis. When does not work properly, your entire business have to suffer. Also, repair cost of commercial appliances is quite higher than repair of residential appliances. It means you cannot ignore the maintenance of commercial refrigeration appliances the way you ignore your residential appliances.

Things to know about commercial refrigerator maintenance

All refrigerating units expel heat. The majority of refrigerators do this via air condenser coil. This causes dust and debris to accumulate on the condenser coil. If  are not cleaned regularly, electrical consumption of refrigerator will increase. This can also result major system component failure. These are some, but not all of the consequences of avoiding commercial appliance maintenance. Undoubtedly poor maintenance will reduce the lifespan of equipment and cause expensive appliance repair.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance tips

Check out the below mentioned maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your commercial refrigerator:

  • Visually inspect the condenser coil of your commercial refrigerator. Generally, condenser coil is located behind a cover at the bottom or top of refrigerator (depends on brand). Check if condenser coil is clean.
  • Check gaskets of your refrigerator. Your unit has to work hard to cool the conditioned space. If warm air of kitchen seep in through torn door seals, your refrigeration unit has to work harder. Slowly inspect all sides of gaskets for splits and tears. Ensure that the gasket is properly sealed from all the sides. Clean gaskets using mild soap water to remove food and debris.
  • Check drains lines. Often condensate drains are situated at the bottom of coolers. Clear end of drain. In case you notice any clog, call the professional for help. It is important that the drain system of the refrigerator work properly.

Hire Commercial Refrigerator Services

Commercial refrigerators require maintenance time to time. If these cooling units are not maintained properly, they will not function properly. Also, these units are very complicated. It is not possible to maintain these appliances using DIY hacks. In order to repair or inspect the commercial refrigeration appliances, you need to have the complete knowledge about them. Thus, hiring a commercial refrigerator repair technician Vienna is a smart idea. These professionals have understanding about every single detail of commercial refrigerators. They can help you in keeping your commercial refrigerators in healthy working condition.