Common Microwave Problems To Know About

Science has made our life easy with innovative intentions like the microwave and the commercial microwave oven service providers make it easier! There is no denying the fact that a microwave oven is one of the most commonly and excessively used appliances in our kitchen. Every modern household surely does have a microwave oven. It has become a necessity for the modern cooking. We all see it as some kind of magical invention but the truth is that it is just an appliance at the end of the day. It will break down, damage and need commercial oven repair as well.

Common Microwave Problems

If you have a microwave at home and use it every single day, you should also be aware of the potential problems it might have in the long run. It is not magic and will eventually need a quick commercial oven repair sooner or later. You can only get the best and top notch commercial microwave oven service if you are aware of the potential problems it can have with regular use.

  1. Not Heating Enough

The most common of all problem with microwaves that can come up a lot if that the microwave fails to heat the food enough. The reason behind this problem is the failed function of the magnetron. If the magnetron damages, there is no fix for it. You will have to get it replaced because that is the only way to get the microwave working again.

  1. Microwave Plate Not Spinning

There is a little glass plate inside the microwave that spins the food when you start it up to heat. There is a rotatory motor that helps the plate to spin and the food to evenly get warmed up. If the plate does not spin this indicates towards a problem with the rotary motor.

  1. Function Buttons Unresponsive

The functions of the microwave are not working. You are not able to enter the time or get the process started because the start or end button is not responsive. This only means that the function control pad of the microwave has failed or damaged. This is common to happen.

  1. Automatically Shuts Off Whilst Working

Another major problem with the microwave is that it can shut off on its own whilst working. However, this is not a big problem and usually is as a result of inadequate power supply or voltage fluctuations. So the actually problem in this case is not with the microwave at all!

  1. Inside Light Does Not Turn ON

There is a little miniature bulb that is fixed inside the microwave that turns on whenever you use the microwave or even open the door. However, if the light does not turn ON this indicates towards the problem with the bulb. There is no need to get an expert commercial over repair fairfax service in this regard. The only thing that needs to be fixed for this purpose is the bulb which can be replaced yourself.