How to Take Care of Your Walk-in Cooler

Walk-in coolers are a critical part of your enterprise, and it’s therefore imperative that they are well taken care of and maintained. The walk-in cooler is an invention that does miracles in your business by preserving your inventory. Thus it goes without saying that it’s necessary to ensure they are working properly. Emergency walk-in cooler repair will be costly, it’s vital to ensure that maintenance works are done regularly.

Walk-in Cooler Maintenance Tips

  • Condensing Unit

The components that keep the condensing unit running are compressor, coil and a fan motor. The part should be well cleaned at least once a month. Switch off the unit and vacuum clean it to clear any accumulated dirt and dust particles.

  • Interiors and exteriors Cleaning of the cooler

Ensure that the exterior and interior of the walk-in cooler are often cleaned. Make sure you clean the walk-in cooler eevaporator toensure that it functions without fail. Sanitize the cooler with vinegar or bleach. Use a mild detergent to clean the outer parts of the cooler.

  • Regular Inspection of the cooler

Check how the cooler is working to ensure no sudden breakdown which would otherwise have been prevented.  Make sure that cooler maintains the correct temperature. Ensure that the seals and hinges are working properly and if not ensure you have commercial appliance repair expert to check the cooler.

Signs that your walk-in cooler needs the attention of an expert

  • Bad odours emanating from the cooler

If you smell a terrible odour coming from your cooler that’s a sign is not well, and your commercial appliance repair expert needs to check whether the coolant is leaking or find out the cause of the odour.

  • Temperature going up and down

Temperature fluctuations mean that your inventory may not remain fresh. The cooler should have a constant temperature when functioning properly

  • Noise from the motor

Excessive heat and unusually loud noises in the motor mean your cooler is not working properly.

  • Water below the cooler

Paddles of water could mean a more significant problem in the working if walk-in cooler. Water on the floor could mean the seals are not tight enough which increases energy consumption. That means the electricity bills go higher when the seals are not tight.

Once you begin to notice, any of the above ensure that you call in a commercial appliances repair fairfax va expert who has the knowledge and experience. Training employees on how to use the walk-in cooler will ensure they can be able to check the appliance and detect any issue regularly. Make sure that the doors to the walk-in cooler remain when in not use to avoid changing the temperature of the cooler. Have a maintenance schedule for the walk-in cooler and follow it diligently.