Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Commercial Ovens

After purchasing commercial oven, you may want to ensure that you keep it in good condition to avoid costly commercial oven repair. Whether you own a small pizza oven or a full sized commercial kitchen oven, commercial oven is one of the major investments for your business, and you should maintain it to make sure you get the maximum return of your investment. The more cautious you remain about maintaining your cooking equipment, the more money you will save in the long run.

Paying attention over commercial ovens

Just like any other restaurant equipment, commercial ovens require regular cleaning and maintenance. Most of the maintenance tasks are quite easy and will be done on a weekly or monthly basis, but that consistent effort to can make a huge difference.

Commercial Oven Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Over time, commercial ovens develop heat and cooking inefficiencies.  You may begin to observe that your oven starts taking longer to cook as compared to what it used to.  The heating costs will increase, and marks of diffused heat will be visible around the oven.  These heating issues occur because of a loose-fitting seal of oven door. In order to avoid this issue, check oven seal on the regular basis and do not put too much force on oven door.

Efficiency of commercial oven also decreases because of badly calibrated thermostat. It is important check to if your thermostats are correctly calibrated every few months.  In order to calibrate, make use of thermometer and evaluate the set temperature.  If you find difference, then you need to re-calibrate the oven controls.

In-build programs and buttons for cooking may get badly calibrated as well.  You may notice that, your oven is not cooking as well with the preset program and button.  Check out the re-calibrating settings to resolve this issue.

When your oven is not cleaned properly, you will notice performance issues such as presence of strange flavor and even smoke.  Avoiding these problems is a simple matter of cleaning. Cleaning of commercial oven is very important for performance and efficiency of the appliance. You can schedule professional commercial range repair Vienna and cleaning every month, and instruct your staff to clean the oven thoroughly every week. However, spills should be cleaned immediately. The longer you wait more stubborn the spills become.