How to Clean Your Commercial Convection Oven

Commercial convection oven is one of the vital appliances of the commercial kitchen. The speed and efficiency of your staff depends on the performance of your commercial convection oven. This makes it important to keep your commercial oven in tip-top condition. Inappropriately cleaned convection ovens can make food taste bad, and even worse, can become fire and safety hazards. You should hire commercial oven repair and cleaning services on the regular basis to maintain the performance of your commercial oven, as you take care of your convection oven and your oven will take care of your business.

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial ovens should be cleaned on daily basis to prevent any potential dangers. You should train your staff to clean spills daily, while deeper cleaning should be done every month. Cleaning commercial oven is not a difficult task. Cleaning convection oven does not require much time and effort. The process of commercial oven cleaning is easy and fast. You just need to know the right technique.

Step 1: Make sure oven is cool

Make sure that your convection oven is cool so that you can minimize the risks of burns.  You should consider wearing heat resistant gloves while cleaning to prevent burning.

Step 2: Remove the racks

Remove the racks of your oven and clean them separately.  Quite often, cooks put meats and other foods directly onto the racks. It is important to clean the racks as well. Racks may not look dirty, but they should be cleaned on the regular basis. Use scrub to clean the racks.

Step 3: Wipe Down The Inside

Use wet towel to wipe inside the oven. Make sure you clean the area around the fan. When the airflow is interrupted by debris, that oven will not perform at its maximum efficiency. In order to avoid the debris formation, you need to clean this area properly.

Step 4: Put the Racks Back

Once the oven racks are dried properly, put them back, and leave the oven open for a while. This will not lock smell inside your oven. Make sure you install all the racks properly.

Commercial oven cleaning services

Professional Commercial Convection Oven repairs service providers recommend daily cleaning to avoid problems in the oven. It is possible to avoid expensive repairs by paying attention over cleaning and maintenance of the commercial oven.