Maintenance and care tips for Your Commercial Icemaker

Commercial icemaker is one of the hardest working appliances of the commercial kitchens.  It is important appliance used in restaurants and bars. This appliance should be properly maintained to enjoy the continuous supply of ice. Maintenance of commercial icemaker is a tricky task. You have to train your staff about the cleaning and maintenance tasks related to icemaker, so that your machine keeps on running with the full efficiency. Hiring commercial icemaker repair services is also important to keep your appliance in tip-top condition for a number of years to come.

Commercial icemaker preventive maintenance tips

Below mentioned are a few simple maintenance and care tips that you can do to get the most out of your commercial icemaker:

Water Filter Installation

Water filters are very important for maintaining the efficiency and extending the life of your machine. This filter is responsible for reducing the build-up of minerals and sediment from the water in the ice machine, and thus keeping the ice clear and clean. Filters will also remove bad taste and odor from water, and thus provide better quality ice. Some manufacturers may even provide extended warranties on ice machines that have a filter on their water line. The water filters will slow-down the scale build-up in machine.

Antimicrobial Protection

In order to protect the components of icemaker, some manufacturers provide built-in antimicrobial protection filters. This water purging system has been patented by Scotsman. This prevents the growth of mold and slime inside the ice machine. This is the reason why business owners need not have to worry about Scotsman ice machine repair Alexandria too often.

Antimicrobial protection is extremely important when it comes to ice-machines. Mold and slime not only affect the taste of the water, but they are also hazardous for health. It is important to clean the ice machines to keep them free from dust, mold and slime.

You should also have ice scoop that is dedicated to ice in the machine. This will help you in keeping bin clean and free of any residue.

Sanitizing Your Machine

If you are changing water filter on the regular basis and have an anti-microbial agent you are doing right for increasing the life span of your machine and improving its performance. Sanitization is another important aspect of the ice machine maintenance.  You should empty your ice machine and clean it thoroughly in every six months.