Tips for Cleaning a Commercial Garbage Disposal

Over time, a commercial garbage disposal unit may start smelling bad due to different types of foods moving through its blades. There is remedy to this problem. It is possible to clean the garbage disposal unit and make it functional again. You can handle easy cleaning task on your own, but for complex build up you need to call commercial garbage disposal services. It is because sometime food buildup is stubborn and cannot be cleaned without opening garbage disposal unit. Since it is a complicated task, you should avoid doing it without any technical knowledge.

How to Clean Your Commercial Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal units are important part of commercial kitchens. This unit needs to be in good working condition, in order to maintain a hygienic aura in the kitchen. Check out the below mentioned tips to keep your commercial garbage disposal unit clean:

Freshen up with Citrus Peels: To get rid of drainage smell coming from your garbage disposal unit, you can squeeze some citrus fruit juice into it. By doing this you actually clean the blades of garbage disposal unit with citric acid. The bad smell will go away, and your kitchen will smell fresh and delightful.

Use Baking Soda: Baking soda can actually clear the clogging of your garbage disposal unit. In order to make your solution more effective pour some vinegar. This solution will clear the clogging of garbage disposal unit. The foul smell will go away after that.

Use Ice Cubes: Put some ice cubes into your garbage disposal unit. Turn on the water, and let disposal grind the ice. This grinding action will clean your disposal unit from inside out. The grinding action of the commercial garbage disposal units is more powerful than residential ones. This will dislodge bad smelling food particles and give a fresh start to your garbage disposal unit.

Commercial garbage disposal unit services

Cleaning garbage disposal unit is mandatory yet messy chore. Just like other commercial kitchen appliances, commercial garbage disposal maintenance and cleaning. No matter how careful you are while using your garbage disposal, it requires professional maintenance and care to remain in good working condition.

Hiring commercial garbage disposal services is also a tricky task. The commercial appliance services you hire should have knowledge and understanding of commercial kitchen appliances. You should always consider licensed technicians for this purpose.