How to make Dishwasher run better?

Dishwashers are just like other commercial appliances: as they age, they get less effective, consume more energy and start making louder sound. But sometimes it is not normal wear-and-tear that breaks the dishwasher down, it is often lack of maintenance that degrades the performance of the dishwasher. Hiring dishwasher repair technician and cleaning dishwasher on the regular basis are mandatory to keep your dishwasher in the good condition.

How Can You Make Your Dishwasher Run Better?

Dishwashers have become the integrated part of food service industry. This appliance is helping café and restaurant owners in improving their services. Dishwasher maintenance is one of the most important things to consider, if you want to use your appliance for a longtime. Below mentioned are some tips to help you enhance the performance of your dishwasher:

  • Fill dishwasher with vinegar and run it empty. This will clean out food particles and keep it smelling fresh.
  • Rinse off your dishware before putting them in your dishwasher for cleaning. This will decrease the amount of food that stuck on your dishes once the dishwasher has completed its task. Thus, you will get cleaner dishes and food will not stick in the dishwasher as well.
  • If you are buying liquid-soap with rinsing benefits, there is no necessity of adding any more – it has no benefits. In its place, use a little bit of vinegar with your liquid-soap. This will not only make your dishes cleaner, but also provide you with better smelling dishes.
  • Do not overload your washer. It may appear easy to fit a few extra dishes into the washer to get them cleaned in one cycle, but this can interrupt entire cleaning cycle and prevent all the dishes from getting cleaned. This also put extra load on dishwasher.
  • Ensure that the water you are using in dishwasher is not too hard. This will not allow dishwasher to do a thorough cleaning job.

Take advantage of commercial appliance repair companies

No matter how much you try, it is not possible to keep commercial appliances in good condition without professional help. There are many commercial appliance repair companies that can provide you the trained, experienced and certified technicians. These technicians can help you in keeping your commercial appliances in good condition.



To Repair or Replace: That Is The Question

When you notice a loose button, you can choose to sew it or buy new clothes. The same can apply when there are technical problems with your appliances. In such cases, you may opt for turning to commercial appliances repair centers to fix your equipment. However, it depends whether there’s hope left for your appliance, or it’s time to move on to a new one.

Broken commercial appliances – including ovens, refrigerators, and freezers – can affect many businesses. That is why it is necessary to hire commercial oven repair, commercial refrigerator services, or a walk-in cooler repair to help get your business back on track.

Repair or replace?

The Internet is a haven for a lot of DIY enthusiasts. Simply type a few words, and a lot of results will appear depending on what you’re looking for. Doing the repairs yourself can save you hundreds of dollars from hiring professionals to take care of the job. But if you’re not that confident, you can always call a commercial kitchen appliance repair company to help you out.

Repairing or replacing a broken appliance has its own set of pros and cons. Likewise, choosing which among the two depends on the appliance’s overall condition. That is why you should carefully consider your options, or end up spending more than you originally intended.

To repair

As mentioned, repairing broken equipment can be a tedious task. However, there are many reasons why repairing can be a good option. Here are the two major advantages of repairing:

  1. It is cheaper.

One major reason to repair a broken appliance is that it can help save you money from buying a new appliance. We all know how expensive commercial appliances can be, which can affect your business’ overall spending.

  1. It reduces carbon footprint.

You only get to fix the specific broken part of the appliance instead of completely throwing it away. This means less waste and less carbon footprint, hence doing good for Mother Nature.

To replace

On the other hand, replacing broken appliances can be a great choice as well. Among its advantages include the following:

  1. Brand-new items are better than repaired ones.

In terms of overall quality, brand-new is the better option than repaired ones. Although some repaired items can still work well over the years, it may not guarantee that it will last long enough as you expect it to be. Plus, repaired equipment may not look as shiny and squeaky-clean as brand-new ones even if you regularly maintain the former.

  1. It can ensure less likelihood of defects, unlike repaired ones.

Although repaired items can function like it was still brand-new, its internal parts may eventually become damaged in the long run. Also, replacing your old appliance into a new one can even help reduce your utility expenses.

  1. It saves you time.

Repairing a broken item can be time-consuming, lest when repairing broken appliances. Sometimes, you may not get it right the first time, so you have to spend more time to figure out how to repair the item. On the other hand, you can just go to your nearest appliance store and pick the best choice of your appliance.

How to know if you have to repair or replace

Here are some tips to determine if you can still repair a broken appliance or it’s time to buy a new one:

  1. Check whether the parts are still available.

If your appliance is more than a decade old, chances are its spare parts may not be available anymore. It can be a problem if the appliance breaks down and the broken part is already phased-out. In such cases, it may be advisable to buy a new one instead.

  1. Repair cost vs. cost of buying a new one.

Experts say you may have to consider replacing your current appliance if its repair cost is beyond 50 percent of the cost of a brand-new appliance. In other words, if repairing it would cost more than buying a new one, then you should consider the latter instead.

  1. Check whether repairing is worth the cost.

Your current appliance may have served you well for the past 10 years or so. However, it may have also caused an increase in your utility expenses. If that’s the case, you may have to replace your appliance with a more energy-efficient one.

Commercial kitchen appliance repair services can help you with your repair needs. But you should also consider the above list if holding on to your current appliance is worth the money and effort. For expert advice, you can contact any commercial refrigerator repair in Alexandria or other appliance repair services near you.