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How to make your water heater energy efficient

Today, almost every building has the water heating system installed. Every homeowner wants energy efficient water heater –a heater that heat water to desired degree and consume less fuel. Reality is that water heaters are not energy efficient, but it is possible to make them energy efficient. No matter how expensive water heater you install at your home, you cannot enjoy energy efficiency. In order to enjoy energy efficient heating, you need to pay attention over maintenance of your heating appliance. It is absolutely possible to improve the performance and efficiency of the water heater by paying attention over maintenance.

Make old water heater energy efficient

Water heating cost is a big toll on energy bills. It typically accounts for about 20% of your energy bill. To save heating loss, you need to take action. It is not feasible to completely avoid using water heater to cut the energy cost. All you need is using our heating appliance in proper manner.

Save on Your Water Heating Bill

Fix Leaks: It is possible to reduce the heating cost by repairing the leaks at fixtures of your bathroom, such as showerhead and faucet.

Turn Down Thermostat Of Water Tank: When you turn down thermostat temperature ten degrees, you will save 4% to 5% on your energy bill. Maximum water heaters when operated at 140 degrees, add the risk of scalding. This is the reason why, it is recommended to use the thermostat at 120 degrees.

Use Less Hot Water: A family of 4 showering five minutes a day uses seven hundred gallons of water each week i.e. 3 year water supply of drinking water for 1 person! Simply by installing low-flow faucet and showerheads aerators, you will be able to cut your hot water consumption by 30% to 50%.

Drain the Sediment: Sediments decreases the efficiency of the water heater. The water heater consumes more energy to heat water. Draining will help running the water heater efficiently.

Insulate Exposed Hot Water Pipes: Pipe insulation will help in preventing the heat loss. By insulating your pipes, water will comes 3 to 5 degrees warmer. This will help you in saving energy, money and water.

Insulate Your Hot Water Tank: If you use an older tank that installed in an unheated space, wrap it with an insulating blanket. This will reduce the heating time and costs. You can do it by your own or hire the water heater repair technicians.

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