How to Ensure Your Kitchen Appliances Work Longer with No Hitches


Commercial kitchen appliance repair can be an expensive affair in terms of money spent to repair the appliances and time lost while the kitchen equipment is not working. Kitchen appliances are an integral part of any business or institution as they are one of the key ingredients to a successful and a profit-making venture. It’s therefore essential that employees and users of the appliances take extra care while using the appliances. Simple rules and procedures will ensure that the machine lasts longer without experiencing any damage. Commercial Kitchen appliances include;

  • Serving Equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Food storage equipment
  • Sanitation equipment

How to Ensure your Commercial Kitchen Appliances Work  Longer

  • Train Staff on use of the Equipment

It’s crucial to ensure that the employees who will handle the appliances have the expertise and knowledge of how the equipment work. Once the employees understand how the equipment works and the cleaning procedure they can take better care of the appliances. Most equipment will have a user manual therefore if one needs a more understanding on how the appliances work, the user manual is an ideal guide.

  • Daily Cleaning and General Cleaning

The appliances require regular cleaning to avoid accumulation of grease and ensure they remain in good working condition. Make sure that the cleaning procedure for each appliance is followed. Equipment made of stainless steel should be adequately cleaned to avoid abrasion and corrosion. Make a schedule of monthly general cleaning for all the appliances to clean out that may not be possible to clean on a daily basis.

  • Schedule regular Commercial Appliance  Maintenance and Servicing

Just like any other equipment, it’s important to ensure that every so often the machines are serviced to able to detect any issue early enough. Make sure you replace any worn out and broken parts immediately. Always Switch off power when the appliances are not in use.

Tips on How to Prolong the Life of your Kitchen Appliances

  • Only let trained employees operate the equipment to avoid spoiling the appliances. Avoid improper use and application
  • While cleaning the equipment use mild detergents especially for stainless steel. Don’t scrub stainless steel equipment against the grain.
  • Check the Plug loads to ensure there are no overloads, frays or damages.
  • Ensure other parts of the kitchen are clean to minimize chances of intrusion by roaches. The roaches usually hide in the equipment and may cause damage.
  • Keep Kitchen appliances service schedules to be able to service the equipment without failure
  • Ensure all the appliance are in the right environment and temperature to avoid overheating. Make sure there is proper ventilation in the rooms where the appliance are in use
  • Ensure that the work area is always dry at all time to prevent accidents and consequently breakage

Choosing the Right Commercial Fridge Repair Expert

A fridge is one of the most critical aspects of any food business or any other enterprise that requires storing food. It’s paramount that the refrigerator is in good working condition at any moment to avoid losses. In case your fridge fails it’s essential to contact a commercial refrigerator repairs technician promptly.

Types of Refrigerators

There are several kinds of refrigerators;

  • Glassdoor/Solid door

The solid door units are covered in metals to conceal food stores while the glass give easy visibility to what is in store

  • Dual temperature

The fridge has a different compartment with differing temperatures.

  • Work Top

The fridge has a stainless steel top which acts as a food preparation countertop. They come in double or single doors.

  • Roll in with a Ramp

The fridge is exceptionally effective where there is a large number of people like supermarkets. It has a ramp to make it easier to load it.

When to contact a Commercial Fridge Repair Technician

  • Leaking water

If you notice that the fridge has water leakage at the backside contact the technician for further diagnosis

  • Fluid in the Food storage area

If there is water in the refrigerator food compartments, its time to have the fridge checked

  • Strange Noises coming from the refrigerator

Contact the commercial fridge repairs team if you hear strange noises coming from the fridge

  • Fridge has no power

Call the repair expert if you notice that the fridge is not powering up

  • Cooling

If the refrigerator  cooling system is not cooling properly or part of the refrigerator is colder than other ensure you promptly call the technician

  • Broken seals

The fridge door should close without leaving gaps if you notice they are not closing contact the technician

  • Fridge Internal Lighting

The internal lighting should work well and if you are not able to fix the light consult the repair team.

Considerations When Contacting a  Commercial Fridge services and Repair Team

  • Expertise

Ensure that the team you contact is well versed in the kind of appliance in question. It’s paramount to ask pertinent questions to establish whether the team will handle the work as expected

  • Prompt Response

A fridge is an essential aspect of your business, therefore, engage experts whose  response time is shorter

  • Cost

Consider the cost that the expert is charging

  • Detailed report

It’s paramount to get a report on the status of the fridge, the repair that works done and any arising issue. Consider calling a company with such after service

  • Accessories services

Contact a company or a team that will also do the commercial refrigerator servicing to ensure that the fridge remains in excellent condition all through.

Its key to check reviews of the expert you choose as the fridge is crucial and an expensive appliance. If the experts have a website verify the client’s review and make a decision.



Choosing the right Commercial Appliance Repair Experts

It’s pivotal to have appliances that are working efficiently for any business. Delays in production of goods means a drop in the profit margins of the business. It’s therefore significant to get an accurate diagnosis from a professional on what ails your appliances and get timely repairs. Ensure you get an expert to explain to you the options available in terms of repair and maintenance. In case you notice that your kitchen appliances are not powering up, fridges have a build-up of ice or a drop in the production capacity, then it’s time to contact a commercial appliances repair technician.

 Key Considerations while choosing a repair expert

  • Expertise

Look for companies with qualified experts. Ensure that the company you choose has professionals who are capable of handling commercial kitchen appliance service. That will save time as that will be a one-stop shop for your appliances in case there are several which are not working.

  • Guarantee on spare parts

Ensure that you work with companies that give warranty on spare parts.

  • Pricing

The price of repair and maintenance should not exceed the buying price of a new machine, otherwise, it may not be viable to repair the appliances. Get a quote from the company to be able to compare and analyze the feasibility of the repair. Check out for special prices and other offers.

  • Efficient

Look out for reviews on the effectiveness of the company in providing the service. It’s critical for the experts to visit the site to give a proper diagnosis and the correct pricing.

  • Fast response time

In business, any downtime means a loss to the company, it’s of the essence to get professionals who keep time to minimise the losses. It’s essential that the experts arrive in time to avoid client’s loss resulting in dropped business margins. Companies that provide 24 hours of repair services are ideal as they save time.

  • Prompt repairs and maintenance

Ensure that the experts you get keep the projected repair timings.

  • Area Coverage

Call experts who are near your area of operation as this will save time and cost

  • Customer service oriented

Choose companies that have excellent customer service as this will ensure that in case of any issue you will get prompt answers and help

Other maintenance and repair tips

  • Always keep a record of when the various commercial appliance repair and maintenance was carried out
  • It’s paramount to ensure that the appliances are well serviced and maintained. Make sure you have a maintenance and repair program for all your appliances to minimize on an unexpected breakdown.
  • Ensure that employees operating the appliances have enough knowledge of the operation of the machine
  • Once notified of an appliance with an issue promptly attend and involve the commercial appliance repair expert


Can you use commercial ovens at your home?

A cooking oven is a basic necessity for every household. But have you wondered why some people opt for commercial ovens in their home even when it is expensive and tougher to acquire? The reason is probably that people who love to cook and need oven more often find it easier to cook in commercial ovens because of the larger surface area and the ability to cook larger quantity at the same time. Another advantage of the appliances is that there are many commercial oven repair service providers available in the market compared to the domestic ovens. Thus, whenever you experience a breakdown, you can simply get their parts replaced instead of replacing the appliance on a whole.

Advantages and disadvantages of commercial ovens:

Though there are competent differences in both the commercial and domestic ovens, the commercial ones can win over the residential ovens due to a larger surface area which offers a better cooking experience for the chefs and foodies. Structurally commercial ovens are also different from residential ones as they are provided with six over the top burners on the upper part of the stove whereas the lower part is much wider and deeper than the residential version. Another important feature of these commercial ovens is that they have bigger knobs which are actually more convenient in controlling heat than the conventional household ovens. However, a major drawback of the commercial ovens is that they are bulkier and consume more space than the regular ones. So, even if you are a start-up owner, you must weigh the utilities of the commercial ovens and their types before you order them.

Types of commercial ovens:

The types are divided according to the need of the product and the industry that uses them. For baking industry, the oven to be most useful is an upright oven which is needed to keep the bread and baked products in several racks in the upright position. Then again for pizza making industries, the ovens made are apt for baking the base and preparing the toppings. Most industries dealing with multiple products have varieties of ovens to produce multiple items.

How to purchase commercial ovens:

Commercial ovens being highly popular these days, there are numerous sellers and restaurants supply chains, who offer a wide variety of models to suit your purpose. They can be collected easily from furniture and kitchen equipment sellers or from large restaurant suppliers because usually, they offer authentic and durable products, which will last for long. Also, they will provide you quality commercial gas oven repair services Alexandria, in case of appliance breakdown. Whether being in a business or for a home use, commercial ovens are an absolute necessity now. Make sure you pick the quality products, for a hassle-free cooking experience.





Tips to purchase a commercial freezer for your start-up

Whenever you are planning to start a business in the food or beverage industry, there are a lot of aspects to be considered beforehand. One of the vital elements is to choose the best commercial appliances in the market. Investing on a high duty commercial refrigerator service or freezer is vital in this business, to store the raw materials as well as to keep the food fresh and keep up to the standards of health and sensitization laws.

How does a commercial freezer differ from the domestic units?

Commercial freezers differ from the domestic refrigerators, regarding cooling capacity and storage space.  The commercial refrigerators are specifically designed for storing significant quantities of food efficiently for a more extended period, compared to a domestic refrigerator unit. Besides, the heavy duty freezers are also more durable than the domestic units, which make it an indispensable part of the business owners.

Things to consider while purchasing a commercial refrigerator:

Depending on your storage and cooling requirements, you may decide whether you need a walk-in cooler, chest freezer, glass door or countertops.  The fundamental factors which you should consider for your appliance are durability, functionality, eco-compatibility, innovation and user-friendly functions. To minimize your maintenance costs, you should also consider the energy efficient appliances with minimum maintenance costs.

Do not go overboard with your budget:

Even though purchasing a valuable asset for your business can be overwhelming, it is always better to plan your minimum or maximum budget. Most of the energy efficient, expensive freezers require minimum maintenance and curtail your electricity bill significantly. So, it is good to make a onetime investment on a reputed brand if your budget permits you. Consulting the professionals in the food business is also a good idea, to make a right choice because they have plenty experience in this field.

Planning to rent a commercial freezer?

In case you are not confident enough to invest in the expensive assets, you may also consider the option of renting a commercial freezer. But, make sure you monitor the products before signing the contract. Consider the model, size and the pricing of the appliances before you finalize them. In most of the cases, the suppliers are reasonable especially when you sign the deal for a short period. You may also purchase a second-hand appliance and get them checked by the commercial appliance service providers Arlington if they are not covered under warranty.



Turn to garbage disposal service to keep your store clean and hygienic

When it comes to your home or office, you install high-efficiency home appliances and gadgets to ease your house chores and maximize the convenience level. Garbage disposal may not be one of the problems which top your priority list, but it too can offer endless benefits, especially in a commercial complex if appropriately used. If you have not been paying attention to the commercial garbage disposal maintenance, it’s time to reconsider your decision.

Why is garbage disposal maintenance essential?

It is practically impossible to dispose of every single trash item in a commercial complex. So, your employees prefer to dump the leftover food items like fish or chicken bones, celery stalks and the fats, grease or oils in the trash cans, which keeps accumulating for a prolonged period. It is not only messy but unhygienic too. Keeping a commercial area clean and well-maintained also uplifts the mood of the employees and creates a good impression on the clients. The professional garbage disposal service makes the task convenient and faster rather than doing it manually.

The benefits of opting for professional garbage disposal service:

Opting for a professional garbage disposal service not only makes the cleaning and maintenance task easier and hassle-free, but it brings in a plethora of benefits in the long run:

  • It makes the commercial complex easier to clean and maintain.
  • You and your employees deal with less trash every day.
  • The complex will smell better and hygienic.
  • It will impress the potential customers or clients.
  • Expect less clogging and leakage in the pipes.
  • The maintenance cost will reduce significantly, and you will get save money in the long run.

Avoid dumping food scrapes down the pipes:

Unless you opt for a professional garbage disposal service, your employees are likely to drop the excess food scraps down the pipes. The result is frequently clogged pipes and leakage, which will drain your hard earned cash and your valuable time. The best way to avoid the situation is to opt for the commercial garbage disposal service Fairfax and prevent the garbage from blocking the drainage system.

Create an eco-friendly environment at the commercial complex:

Nobody is fond of garbage. A barrel full of the stinking garbage can irritate anyone who visits your store or office. By recycling the organic waste products timely, you are also fostering the bond with nature and creating an odorless eco-friendly environment at the commercial complex.





Maintain your commercial kitchen appliances to run a steady business

Especially for a food business owner, it is very crucial to rely on their electronic gadgets and commercial appliances. In order to keep your business going smoothly, make sure you schedule the maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances and the refrigerator components, such as ice dispensers, freezers, coolers or walk-in freezers time to time.  An unanticipated breakdown of your refrigerator units will lead to a sudden halt in your business and decaying of all the raw materials, which might have otherwise generated a hefty profit for you.

Tips to maintain your refrigerator:

A commercial refrigerator is a valuable asset for a professional in the food and restaurant industry because a faulty storage tool will spoil all the perishable goods. Thus, it is always better to organize regular inspection and maintenance programs, to prevent them from breaking down.  Even though food and restaurant business can be very hectic, it is advisable to ensure routine commercial refrigerators service, at least twice a year by professional experts. By ensuring optimum functionality of the refrigerator units, you not only prevent your business operation from ceasing but also prevent revamping your electrical charges. Unless your commercial appliances operate efficiently, chances are that your electricity bills might increase dramatically.

Therefore, the annual maintenance schedules must ensure the following:

  • Inspecting pressure cleaning condenser coils and drain lines
  • Monitor the temperature, and the defrost settings
  • Replace contaminated ice and avoid mold, insect or flies by regular cleaning
  • Inspect the filters on the ice makers
  • Checking the refrigerant level
  • Flushing acid descale solution to sanitize the water circuit
  • Examining the unit thermometer verification
  • Watch out for any loosened electrical connections
  • Ice vending machines should be disassembled and sanitized properly
  • Monitor the condenser, evaporation, wiring, compressor, fan motors or blades.
  • Double check for any internal or external cracks, holes or previously sealed parts to avoid air leakage.

Consult a certified refrigeration service provider immediately after breakdown:

Even if you have been running your commercial kitchen appliances efficiently, they might break down unexpectedly, after prolonged usage; and a failure inevitably means loss of your valuable time and money. Thus, it is ideally recommended to unplug the appliance immediately and consult a victory refrigerator repair Alexandria, rather than waiting for the further breakdown. The instant action might increase the longevity of your device while running the device inefficiently will waste your energy resources and money. Take good care of your commercial appliances, and they will love you back!




Get your commercial appliances repaired instead of replacing

Whether you are using a commercial appliance for a prolonged period or have overused it within a short interval of time, it might have led to the breakdown of the appliance. However, everyone reacts differently to the collapse; while someone prefers repairing them, others might find it convenient to replace them altogether. However, in many cases, you will see that your favorite model is no longer available or is out of stock. As a result, you end up picking up a random one for your store. To avoid that, you may consider the option of commercial appliance service providers.

Tricks to avoid being duped by the repair centers:

If you are fond of the appliance that you have been using, consider the option of getting it repaired instead of replacing it. This will not only save a few extra bucks, but it will also save the hazards of trialing with a new product.  Consider the following options, to avoid being duped by the commercial kitchen appliance service centers:

  • Identify the actual problem:

By identifying the core problem with the appliance, you can make better decisions on your part. At times, the casualness of the appliance owner turns a simple repair issue into a costly affair. The best way to avoid this problem is to get your commercial appliance inspected by multiple service providers. This will not only help you to validate the real problem, but also bring available alternative options in your knowledge.

  • Getting multiple quotes for the repair:

Rather than relying on a repair service provider, it is always better to get multiple free quotes, so that you can compare and verify the all-inclusive service charges.

  • Find out the specialty of the service provider:

Seeking the experts to deal with your appliance is always recommendable rather than single roof solution. However, there are many service providers, who specialize in multiple appliance repairs. Take some time, to find one of those repair centers for your appliance.

  • Make sure the service providers guarantee their work:

Gone are those days, when the repair centers will provide you a warranty on their repair works. However, few service providers are offering commercial appliances service Vienna, which still claims to guarantee their work to prove their professional confidence. It is always safer to opt for those service providers because it ensures the peace of mind of the appliance owner, which they have handed over the products to a reliable service provider. In most of the cases, the warranty does not require claims, unless you have awful luck with electronic goods.



How to Keep Your Refrigerator Working Efficiently

Your commercial appliances are an investment, and you need to ensure that they are properly maintained. Your commercial refrigerator plays a crucial role in ensuring your restaurant business runs smoothly. You need to follow the right maintenance procedure to keep the fridge effectively and optimally. For your fridge to give you the service, you need to ensure that you take good care of it. Work with the commercial refrigerator repairs team to ensure your fridge is in top shape.

How to Keep your commercial refrigerator Working effectively

  • Clean the refrigerator regularly

It’s critical to clean the refrigerator regularly. Failure to clean the fridge will make part of the refrigerator work harder, and that will lead to a breakdown. If your refrigerator keeps on failing often, then you need work with the commercial kitchen appliance repair team to ensure that your fridge is thoroughly cleaned. Make sure you schedule cleaning of the refrigerator at least once per month. Depending on the frequency of use schedule cleaning the fridge often. Service the fridge to keep it working efficiently and ensure any repair are done immediately.

  • Keep it full

Keep the fridge full, and that will ensure it works effectively. When the fridge is full, that keeps the food cool, and that will spread to other foods. A full fridge will work more optimally. In an empty fridge, the compressor has work harder to keep the fridge cooling. It’s however important to ensure that you don’t overstock the refrigerator to avoid breaking it down. Stock the right amount of food.

Make sure that there are no empty spaces in the refrigerator because that will lead to low energy efficiency.

  • Place the appliances in the right place

Put your commercial refrigerator far away from appliances such as ovens and dishwashers. Heat generated from the commercial oven will make the fridge work harder to remain cool. When the fridge is placed in the wrong place, it will overheat or consume more energy and that will increase the electricity bill, and that will lead to constant breakdowns.

  • Vacuum the condenser coils

The condenser coil releases the heat which makes the compressor run. If dust, dirt and other particles gather on the coil the fridge will overheat leading to the compressor breaking down. It’s therefore important to ensure the commercial appliance repair team vacuums your fridge often.

  • Use the fridge partitions properly

It’s important to arrange the food in the fridge properly, and that will ensure maximum use. Wrong use of the fridge compartments will mean you will store less amount of food. You can use baskets to organize your refrigerator and ensure maximum use. The baskets will also ensure that you can capture any spills and makes it easier to clean the appliance.

  • Use the right temperature

You need to ensure that the temperature of your refrigerator is right. If the temperature is high the food will rot while if you keep the temperature low, then the food will also get damaged. Set the right temperature to keep your food fresh and save energy. You can consult the fridge repair team on the right temperature.

  • Inspect the fridge regularly

It’s best to have the commercial refrigerator services team inspect your appliance regularly. Make sure that the condenser and the coils are clean and working properly. The commercial refrigerator repair team will guide you on when to repair and service the fridge.

  • Clean the gaskets

The rubber around the fridge door play a crucial role and helps run the fridge optimally. If the gasket gets worn out, then your fridge door will not close, and that means the fridge will not work optimally. Make sure that the door gasket is replaced often. The commercial refrigerators repair team should replace the gasket often to keep your fridge efficient.

Avoid opening and closing the fridge frequently because that will make your refrigerator use more energy. It will also damage the gasket. Minimize the number of times you open and close the fridge.

To keep the commercial refrigerator working optimally make sure you follow the fridge maintenance schedule given by the commercial appliance repair Virginia team. Make sure the commercial refrigerator service team service the refrigerator often to keep it effective. Clean the refrigerator regularly and avoid overstocking it.



Questions to Ask Before Repairing or Replacing Commercial Appliance

Replacing or repairing your commercial appliances can be expensive and it’s important to ensure that you analyze the appliances keenly before you make a decision. Your commercial appliances are constantly being repaired, and you are wondering whether you should repair or replace them. It’s important to work with the commercial appliance repair Virginia team to determine which appliances should be replaced and which ones should be repaired. Having to repair appliances too often can be stressing and its therefore important to ensure that you make the right decision. In this article, we tell you questions you should ask before you choose to repair or replace the appliances.

Questions to Ask Before You Repair or Replace Appliances

  • How much will it cost?

You need to determine the cost of repairs and replacement. When considering repair cost make sure you take into account the long-term repair cost. If your commercial oven is having trouble consult the commercial oven repair expert on whether you should repair or replace. If the total repair cost amount to more than 50% of the value of the appliance, then you should consider replacement. When replacing your equipment make sure you consider the cost of installing the new appliances. The commercial kitchen appliance repair team will guide you on all the cost involved in repairing and installing the new appliances. When evaluating the cost of repair and replacement make sure you consider all the cost involved and then make the right decision.

  • How old are the appliances?

Consider the age of the appliances and replace the ones that are not effective. If the appliances are way past 50% of the expected lifespan and they are not performing optimally then consider replacing. Appliances are that are too old may be too expensive to repair and its best to replace them. If your refrigerator has issues determine how old it’s and then analyze the cost of repairs. You can also consider the number of times you have had to repair the fridge. The commercial refrigerators repairs technician will help you determine whether it’s best to repair or replace.

  • Do you need a more efficient appliance?

When selecting commercial appliances its imperative to consider energy efficiency. If your current appliance uses a lot of energy, then you should consider replacing it with a more energy efficient appliances. If your current appliance is consuming a lot of energy then you should replace it with a more efficient one. You will save money on energy cost. When buying an appliance make sure it has an energy efficient label.

  • Will better maintenance extend the life of the appliances?

Adopting good maintenance practice may help preserve your appliances. It’s important to come up with a repair schedule for all the appliances. The commercial appliance repair team will assist you to come up with a schedule. Make sure that the appliances are cleaned when not in use and the service schedule followed diligently. It’s good to ensure that your refrigerator coils are checked often. Ensure the commercial refrigerator repair team services your fridge often. Keep your appliances clean and ensure they are placed in an area where there is enough air circulation.

  • Do you want to make your business trendier?

While you may not replace appliances based solely on trend consider the style your appliance will portray. If you are replacing your appliances such as ice maker, you can get a new stylish and trendy one. If you want to have a new look in your restaurant, then consider replacing the appliances.

When to replace or repair appliances

Before you decide to replace the appliances it’s imperative that you consider all the aspects. While it may be cheaper to repair appliances, it may be expensive in the long run. Work with the commercial kitchen appliance repair expert and determine which appliances you should repair and which ones you should replace. Make sure that the decision you make is cost effective.

It’s important to make the right decision, and the above questions will make it easier to make that decision. When making the decision consider the cost impact, energy efficiency, and efficiency, follow the right maintenance procedure and ensure that the services and repairs schedule given by the commercial kitchen appliances repair team.