Commercial Glass Washer: How to maintain

Providing cleaner cutlery, crockery and glasses is essential in food service industry. Nothing can ruin the reputation of your business more than dirty crockery or glasses. Whether you own a pub, restaurant, cafe or hotel, you need clean and tidy glasses and dishes to serve your customers. Investing in the most expensive dishwasher and glass washer is not enough. You have to train your staff on using these appliances and schedule glass washer repair whenever it is required.

Understanding commercial glass washer

Choosing the right glass washer for your commercial kitchen is vital. You require the right machine to do the job. The most common types of glass washers are:

Under-counter glass washer: These are quite similar to residential dishwashers. They utilize heat to flash-heat the glasses and to provide deep cleaning.

In-sink glass washer: These are the best washers for quick cleaning of the glassware. They fit into sink and consist of a rotating brush that scrubs the dirty glasses. Although in-sink glass washer requires high maintenance, they provide quick cleaning.

Conveyor: These washers are recommended for the high volume applications. Conveyor can wash 300 to 400 glasses per hour. They are suitable for big pubs and high-traffic cafeterias.

Glass washer – keep it clean

In order to get cleaner glasses, you need to pay attention over your glass washing unit. It is important to pay time and attention over glass washer cleaning. Your glass washing unit should be regularly maintained and sanitized.

Cleaning a glass washer unit is easy and fast. Check your user manual for the proper instructions. If you do not have user manual then you can check online. Use a small brush to clean out all the accrued dirt. Don’t be too harsh on your appliance while cleaning. And use good quality detergent for this purpose.  Use hot water to rinse the machine a couple of time. This will clear out the clogging (if any). The cleaner you keep your glass washer, the better and longer it will serve you.

Commercial glass washer is an expensive and complicated appliance. Just like other commercial kitchen appliances, they also require professional maintenance. You need to hire the commercial appliance repair contractor fairfax for the servicing of your glass washer and dishwasher in every 3 months. The professional cleaning and maintenance will not only increase the lifespan of your appliances, but also improve their efficiencies.



Maintenance and care tips for Your Commercial Icemaker

Commercial icemaker is one of the hardest working appliances of the commercial kitchens.  It is important appliance used in restaurants and bars. This appliance should be properly maintained to enjoy the continuous supply of ice. Maintenance of commercial icemaker is a tricky task. You have to train your staff about the cleaning and maintenance tasks related to icemaker, so that your machine keeps on running with the full efficiency. Hiring commercial icemaker repair services is also important to keep your appliance in tip-top condition for a number of years to come.

Commercial icemaker preventive maintenance tips

Below mentioned are a few simple maintenance and care tips that you can do to get the most out of your commercial icemaker:

Water Filter Installation

Water filters are very important for maintaining the efficiency and extending the life of your machine. This filter is responsible for reducing the build-up of minerals and sediment from the water in the ice machine, and thus keeping the ice clear and clean. Filters will also remove bad taste and odor from water, and thus provide better quality ice. Some manufacturers may even provide extended warranties on ice machines that have a filter on their water line. The water filters will slow-down the scale build-up in machine.

Antimicrobial Protection

In order to protect the components of icemaker, some manufacturers provide built-in antimicrobial protection filters. This water purging system has been patented by Scotsman. This prevents the growth of mold and slime inside the ice machine. This is the reason why business owners need not have to worry about Scotsman ice machine repair Alexandria too often.

Antimicrobial protection is extremely important when it comes to ice-machines. Mold and slime not only affect the taste of the water, but they are also hazardous for health. It is important to clean the ice machines to keep them free from dust, mold and slime.

You should also have ice scoop that is dedicated to ice in the machine. This will help you in keeping bin clean and free of any residue.

Sanitizing Your Machine

If you are changing water filter on the regular basis and have an anti-microbial agent you are doing right for increasing the life span of your machine and improving its performance. Sanitization is another important aspect of the ice machine maintenance.  You should empty your ice machine and clean it thoroughly in every six months.



Beginners Guide to Maintaining Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are one of the most expensive commercial kitchen equipment, therefore they are required to be taken care of. Maintaining a commercial dishwasher is important in order to avoid breakdowns and performance issues. The best way to keep commercial dishwasher in tip-top condition is to hire the commercial dishwasher repair services, and train the staff about the dishwasher. The longevity and efficiency of dishwasher depends on how you maintain it.

Commercial dishwasher maintenance

A perfectly working kitchen appliance can breakdown because of negligence of staff members. It is important to train the staff member about the new equipment, so that the know how to use and clean the appliance without damaging them in any manner. Also, it is important to schedule professional cleaning and maintenance at least once in a month.

Using Commercial Dishwashers

Rinse the dishes: It is always recommended to rinse the dishes before putting them in dishwasher. This will not only provide better cleaning, but also prevents blockage in the dishwasher. The leftovers can easily get stuck inside the pipes and filters of the appliance that can make it stop working. Well, you need not have to clean your appliance spotless; just make sure that there are no dried foods or lumps remaining inside the utensils.

Check filters and pumps: Many times, items like lemon slices, bones, teaspoons and pieces of bones are loaded inside the dishwashers. These items can easily block the filters, pipes and pumps of the dishwasher. If you are facing issue related to slow drainage or poor washing results, try cleaning the filters and pumps of your appliance.

Use right detergent: Avoid using cheap detergents in your dishwashing unit. It is always recommended to buy the detergents that are appropriate for the commercial dishwashers. Harmful chemicals present in the cheap dishwasher can damage your dishwasher from inside.

Keep the water softener running: Another important aspect of the commercial dishwasher maintenance is making sure that water softener is added in the sufficient quantity. Hard water can cause scaling inside the appliance that can badly damage the appliance from inside.

Use lime remover: You should train your staff to run lime remover time to time inside your machine. This will prolong the lifespan of your commercial appliance.

Timely repair: Commercial dishwasher is a complicated appliance, it is important to hire the commercial dishwasher repair services to fix commercial appliance Fairfax even when you notice the smallest problem in your appliance.



How to save money on restaurant kitchen equipment

There are so many things that you need to consider when opening a new restaurant. One of the most essential and expensive things is commercial kitchen appliance. Whether you are planning to lease or buy the commercial appliance, you should consult with the commercial appliance services. The commercial kitchen appliances are very expensive; you should make sure that you spend your money on the right appliance.

Setting restaurant kitchen

You need professional help and a full-proof plan when setting the restaurant kitchen. In order prevent the money wastage, you need to do everything in the systematic manner. Each and every item that belongs to restaurant kitchen is going to cost a fortune. Thus, make sure that you purchase everything right.

Make a list of commercial kitchen appliances required

Different commercial kitchens need different appliances. You need not have to purchase everything for your kitchen. Thus, gather your team and discuss about the appliances that you need in your kitchen as per your menu.

Explore purchasing options

Commercial kitchen appliances are big investment, but you have various options –purchase new appliances, purchase second hand appliances and lease appliances. You can choose any option according to your financial conditions.

Explore commercial kitchen appliance brands

Just like home appliances, there are various commercial appliance brands. Each brand has its own speciality. In order to purchase the right appliance, you should explore the features of each and every brand. Consider price, size, features and usability into considerations while purchasing or leasing the appliances.

Pay attention over installation

Commercial appliances are needed to be installed at the right locations. For example, you cannot install the freezer or refrigerator near cooking appliances like commercial oven or deep fryer. Each and every appliance has some pre-requirements. Read the appliance catalogue carefully before randomly deciding their location. Provide proper ventilation in your kitchen, in order to prevent the accidents. In fact, you should consider hiring the professional for setting your restaurant kitchen.

Hire commercial appliance repair services

Commercial kitchen appliances should be inspected, cleaned and repaired time to time. Avoiding any of these tasks can cost you a lot of money in the future. Furthermore, it is important to keep kitchen appliances in good condition to increase their life-span, improve their efficiency, prevent accidents in the kitchen and avoid expensive repair. Thus, hire Commercial Convection Oven repairs Vienna to keep your appliances in good condition.



What kind of refrigeration is best for a restaurant?

Refrigeration system is the integral part of any restaurant kitchen. Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers, ice-machines to colossal walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and everything in between. It is important to choose the right refrigeration units according to needs and requirements of your commercial kitchen, and it is also important to hire the True refrigerator repair services for proper maintenance of your refrigeration appliances.

Buying Restaurant Refrigeration

Carefully purchasing the right type of refrigeration units for your restaurant will help you in running your restaurant smoothly and will be an add-on for staff members. Before investing in any refrigeration appliances, you need to figure-out what kind of appliances you really need in your commercial kitchen. The concept and size of your restaurant will play an important role in deciding what refrigeration appliance you should buy.

If you have small space for kitchen, then a large walk-in refrigerator won’t be suitable for it. If you serve a lot of frozen foods, such as chicken wings, fries, and onion rings, then you will to have to buy a big freezer. There are plenty of refrigeration appliances for commercial kitchens, you should wisely invest your money in right appliances.

Types of Restaurant Refrigeration

Reach-In Coolers

Reach-In Coolers are useful in kitchen and bar of the restaurants. These refrigeration units are low to ground, and have 2 or 3 doors. These refrigeration units should not be placed near cooking area. You can install them in waiting area.

Refrigeration Drawers

Refrigeration Drawers are under counter refrigeration. These refrigeration units are great for small commercial kitchens. They can be installed directly into a cooking line and can store poultry, seafood or meat for the grills.

Walk-In Coolers

Walk-In Coolers comes in various sizes. They can be as small as closet and big as the living room. These refrigeration units can store big boxes of produce, blocks of cheese, buckets of food, and anything else that are bulky, large and perishable. You can select the size of your walk-in refrigerator as per the needs and requirements of your commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Freezers

Restaurant Freezers are like coolers. They can be walk-ins or reach-ins. It is good to remember that commercial freezers are not for storing or making ice. Instead, buy an ice machine for this purpose. The overuse of freezer may cause failure and you may end up with the task of ice cream freezer repair.



How to Plan Your Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the biggest investments while setting up the restaurants. Commercial kitchens are different from residential kitchens. The appliances and equipment used in the restaurant kitchens are bigger and more expensive. In order to setup the commercial kitchen you need more money and space. Also, you need to hire restaurant kitchen appliance repair services for selection and the placement of the appliances. You can easily buy or lease the restaurant appliances, but it is important to know which appliances are right for your restaurant.

Restaurant kitchen planning

A restaurant kitchen requires industrial grade appliances that will withstand busy restaurant traffic. The layout and design of a restaurant kitchen should allow seamless flow of food from the preparation area to the line. You should spare the sufficient space for the restaurant kitchen, so that you can properly setup appliances, countertop and walking area.

Kitchen is the most important part of your restaurant. It is the place where your menu comes to life. It is important that your staff get the world class cooking equipment, comfortable countertop, adequate ventilation and sufficient space.  In order to carry out the kitchen activities smoothly, you have to provide all these facilities to your restaurant staff. Then only they will be able to full fill the needs and requirements of your customers.

Restaurant kitchen appliances

Commercial appliances are big investment. It is important that you invest in the right brand, type and size of the appliances to earn the profit. Generally restaurant kitchen require following appliances:

Oven: Restaurant ovens are bigger and heavier. There are different types of oven for different purposes. The commercial ovens are not easy to maintain and clean. You should have both microwave oven and gas oven in your restaurant kitchen.

Refrigerator: A commercial kitchen requires various refrigeration appliances to keep food articles fresh for a long period of time. Some of the most important refrigeration appliances are walk-in refrigerator, freezer and ice machine. All these appliances are very big in size and you need the commercial appliance services for their maintenance and cleaning.

Deep fryer: Commercial deep fryer is another must-have appliance for the commercial kitchens. This appliance is used to fry potato-fires, chicken wings etc.

Dishwasher: Commercial dishwasher is very important appliance of the commercial kitchen. This appliance can speed up the kitchen activities. In order to avoid the problems with your appliance, hire professionals for commercial dishwasher repairs Alexandria.



How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer

In order to keep the deep fryer in proper working condition, daily cleaning is must. Oil buildups on the walls of fryer, and impurities settle at the bottom of the fryer, preventing food to get fried properly. It is important to perform normal cleaning on regular basis and also hire commercial deep fryer repair services once in a month for thorough cleaning of your appliance. There are many parts of this appliance that are needed to be cleaned so it heats the oil sufficiently.

Commercial Deep Fryer Maintenance

Proper maintenance and cleaning is must for keeping your appliance in good working condition for years to come. You can refer the manufacturer manual for proper cleaning and maintenance instructions. Every deep fryer has its own unique maintenance needs.

Tips For Cleaning Your Commercial Deep Fryer

Before you begin the cleaning task, unplug the fryer and let oil to cool down. Do not touch the fryer until it is cool down up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you will get burned. Detach baskets and place them into a sink to adequately clean the fryer.

Drain oil back to the container before you start to clean the fryer. Get rid of any sediment or crumbs from the bottom of the deep fryer with the help of a slotted spoon and throw them into a waste can. Scooping off these impurities is one of the important tasks involved in deep fryer cleaning.

Clean the walls of your fryer using a metal spatula in order to loosen sticky deposits. Wipe out the deposits from the walls with a damp towel. This is the best way to clean the walls of your commercial deep fryer. You are required to clean the walls on the regular basis.

Put the fryer into a sink and fill it with water. You can use pails of hot water if you cannot put the fryer into the sink. Then pour dish soap to the water into it. Drain the water and wash the fryer after 30 minutes. This will reduce your cleaning efforts.

Scrub the fryer at corners. Many times it happens that food get stuck in the corners. These deposits decrease the efficiency of the fryer. You can perform this cleaning once in a week.

Hire commercial appliance repair company Fairfax for regular cleaning and maintenance tasks. Professional cleaning and maintenance of commercial deep fryer are highly recommended once in a month.



Basics of Commercial Ovens and Cooking Equipment

Every commercial kitchen has different setup of cooking equipment depending on the needs and requirements of the business. According to commercial microwave oven repair service providers, there are many types of commercial ovens available to meet the requirements of food service businesses. Restaurant and cafe owners should invest in the right type of commercial appliances to get the best return of their investment.

Choosing commercial cooking equipment

Commercial kitchens are unique as there are restaurants. They come in all shapes and sizes. The ovens are hub of any restaurant kitchen. The type of oven you purchase will depend on your menu. Consider various factors while purchasing the commercial oven. Just like small ovens for home, big ovens for commercial places are available in different brands, at different prices and with different functions.

Types of commercial ovens

Combination Ovens: These ovens are combination of convection ovens and steamers. Combination ovens allow you to cook vegetables in large quantity in lesser time. These ovens are great for big restaurants. However, combination ovens are more expensive than other types of commercial oven. These ovens can be used to cook multiple dishes.

Conveyor Oven: These ovens are ideal for making pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The speciality of Conveyor oven is a belt that moves the food through the oven. If you own a bakery or do a lot of baking, then you should consider investing in Conveyor oven.

Pizza Oven: If speciality of your food joint is PIZZA, you should totally invest in Pizza Oven. These ovens are dedicatedly designed to bake the pizzas in the best possible manner. Pizza Ovens are quite big that heated up at high temperature. In these ovens, you can also cook desserts and beef in the large quantity.

Commercial cooking appliances

Broiler: This appliance allows you to cook various types of food with short bursts of heat. It can be used for melting cheese and butter on sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and soups.

Grill: There are mainly two types of grills –char broiler grill and flat top grill. You can cook meat, chicken and burgers on the grill. Grills are one of the must-have restaurant kitchen appliances. It can speed-up the commercial kitchen activities.

Deep fryer: Commercial deep fryers are very important frying equipment of commercial kitchen. It can be used to fry French fries to chicken wings. You should take commercial deep fryer repair seriously to avoid accidents in your kitchen.



All you need to know about commercial kitchen equipment


One of the most overwhelming tasks of setting up a commercial kitchen is handling kitchen appliances. Some restaurant owners hire commercial kitchen appliance repair services for adequate installation and placement of these expensive appliances. It is important to handle these appliances right, from the beginning. They should be installed properly and kept at the right location. Incorrect installation and placement could affect the functionality, efficiency and lifespan of your appliance.

Commercial kitchen appliance basics

If you want to setup a properly functional commercial kitchen, along with staff, you will have to invest in good commercial kitchen appliances. Your staff members are very much depended on these appliances for everyday chores. A commercial kitchen should have commercial microwave oven, commercial gas oven, coffee machine, walk-in refrigerator, commercial freezer, ice machine, commercial dishwasher and garbage disposal unit. These appliances have become essential to meet the customer requirements in the food service industry.

Purchasing commercial kitchen appliances

Price of new commercial appliances is very high. If you are investing in new appliances, make sure to buy the best appliances. Read the product review before investing money on any appliance. Go for reputable brands. On the other hand, if you are thinking about purchasing second hand appliances, hire a commercial appliance repair company and get that appliance professionally inspected.

Installing commercial kitchen appliances

Installation and placement of the commercial kitchen appliances are tricky. The appliances should be installed in a manner that they remain quickly accessible to staff as well as perform efficiently. No two appliances should interrupt the functionality of each other. For example: Commercial refrigerators should not be placed near the commercial ovens or fryers.

For the best installation, hire the commercial appliance services. The professionals know how to handle the placement and installation. They can make the entire process of commercial appliance installation easier right from the unpacking the appliance to bringing them functional state and everything in-between.

Maintaining commercial kitchen appliances

Maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances is an important task. You are required to keep your appliances in good condition to increase their life-span and efficiency. All kitchen appliances perform different task, and thus maintenance needs of different appliances are different. For example: you need victory refrigerator repair services Alexandria for refrigerator repair and commercial microwave oven repair service for oven repair. Hiring professional services for regular cleaning and inspection is necessary to know about the actual condition of your appliances and preventing expensive repairs.



Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List

One of the biggest challenges of running a commercial kitchen is keeping it clean.  With multiple activities happening at the same time, from oil flying out at the fryer, to spills on the kitchen counter, to parsley ground into the cutting boards, regular cleaning seems to be an overwhelming task, if you don’t have your kitchen organized. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances cannot be ignored at any cost. Commercial kitchen appliances are expensive investment. These appliances also require regular cleaning to work at their full efficiency. Thus, you are required to hire the commercial appliance repair services to keep your commercial appliances in the good condition.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning

To maintain the hygiene of your restaurant kitchen, you have to divide the cleaning tasks into three categories –daily cleaning chores, weekly cleaning chores and monthly cleaning chores. Some tasks need be done several times a day, while others require to only be done once in a week or month. Proper cleaning of your restaurant kitchen is vital for food safety and can help in lowering food and overall menu costs.

Restaurant kitchen daily cleaning tasks

  • Clean fryer, grill, cutting board, preparation table and steam table at regular interval.
  • Empty sanitizing buckets and trash bins.
  • Wash and sanitize all working surfaces.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor.
  • Clean spills on kitchen appliances.
  • Clean walk-in refrigerator.
  • Clean grease trap.
  • Run hood filters through commercial dishwasher.

Restaurant kitchen weekly cleaning tasks

Each cleaning tasks can be rotated throughout the week, so that you need not have to do everything at one day.

  • Empty your coolers and freezers, and wash and sanitize
  • Delime faucets and sinks for better performance.
  • Properly clean your coffee machine.
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions to clean your gas oven and microwave oven.
  • Clean your dishwasher thoroughly.
  • Manage the items of your walk-in refrigerator

Restaurant kitchen monthly cleaning tasks

Just like weekly cleaning chores, you can divide the monthly cleaning chores of your commercial kitchen throughout the month.

  • Thoroughly wash your stove, fryer and oven to prevent the fire hazards.
  • Properly clean the freezers.
  • Empty and clean the ice machine
  • Wash walls and ceilings of your kitchen.
  • Clean the dry storage area.
  • Hire commercial appliance services Vienna and get your commercial kitchen appliance inspected and repaired.
  • Change pest traps.