Essential Tips For Commercial Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A garbage disposal unit is one of the most used and least cared appliances of commercial kitchens. It is located under sink, which makes it out of sight, out of mind. The garbage disposal unit remains hidden, until flip switch stops working. Now you have a sink full of food and a foul smell covering your entire kitchen. Well, it is possible to avoid this problem by hiring commercial garbage disposal service for regular maintenance and cleaning. This underrated appliance also needs proper maintenance and cleaning to work adequately.

Tips on caring for your commercial garbage disposal unit

Use your garbage disposal only for food stuffs. Do not dump cloths, towel or plastic bags into it. You should carefully monitor what goes inside it, so that hard substances like vegetable stalks, bones and plastic spoons don’t block your unit. It will be good, if you avoid putting onions, potato skins, celery, and corn hunks in your sink.

In order to prevent clogging, run water before and after operating your garbage disposal unit. You should let water run for at least 30 seconds. And please avoid running hot water in your garbage disposal unit. You might have heard that hot water will prevent clogging, but it’s a myth. Hot water may cause fats to melt and stick to the blades of the disposal unit, and causes clogging. Instead, toss some ice cubes in your garbage disposal unit once in a month to keep it clog-free.

Troubleshooting garbage disposal unit

#1: If you don’t have any idea about the functionality or problem of the garbage disposal unit, do not try to troubleshoot the garbage disposal unit. You will end up aggravating the issue. Now, before you start troubleshooting your garbage disposal unit, make sure to disconnect the unit from power source.

#2: In case, your garbage disposal unit won’t turn on, look at the power source. Many times it happens that the circuit is not tripped. You can also try the reset button to try to switch your appliance on.

#3:  When you can hear the sound of motor after switching on your garbage disposal unit, but blades are not moving, your blades are jammed. It’s the time when you need to call commercial garbage disposal maintenance services.

#4: If foul smell is emanating from your garbage disposal unit, then there might be food stuck in it. You can prevent this by grinding all the food.



Top Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

You may not think about your commercial freezers and walk-in refrigerators often, but they play an important role in your business success. Last minute repair can be expensive, and not to mention the potential loss of perishables. In order to keep your business running smoothly, hire commercial refrigerator repair services for regular maintenance and inspection. Also, prepare maintenance and cleaning guidelines for your staff, and tell them to strictly follow those guidelines.

Maintenance of Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerator maintenance can be easily ignored by the employees, but lack of care results in expensive emergency repair. While fixes is being done, large quantities of refrigerated items can go bad. It is possible to prevent this type of scenario with regular maintenance. Proper maintenance improves the performance and lifespan of commercial refrigeration units, while decreasing their energy consumption.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Contact customer care: In order to understand the functionality of your commercial cooling appliances, you can contact the customer support. The customer care executives will not only help you in understanding all the features of your appliance, but also let you know how to use the appliance correctly.

Inspect refrigerator: If you suspect any problem in your refrigeration unit, inspect it and try to detect the root cause of the issue. Many times refrigeration issues occur due to presence of dirt, improper sealing, frosting etc. It is possible to get rid of small problems with over-the-counter solutions. However, never try to inspect your refrigeration unit by unscrewing its components. Let professional appliance repair technician handle this task.

Clean in properly: In order to enjoy the interrupt free cooling, you should have a proper cleaning schedule. Instruct your staff to clean the spills of foods and drinks right away, while clean the refrigerator thoroughly in every 7 to 10 days.

Schedule professional inspection: No matter how much you pay attention over cleaning and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration unit, you should hire walk in cooler repair services Alexandria va for regular inspection. This will help you in preventing the refrigeration problems even before they come, and you can enjoy interrupt free refrigeration.

Get it repaired: In case you notice small cracks, wiring mistake or functionality issue, call the professional appliance repair technician right away. The sooner you solve the refrigeration issue, the lesser they cost.



Beverage Cooler Maintenance Tips

In sight, but out of mind! That is the perfect summation about most commercial beverage coolers. The beverage coolers are one of the important appliances in terms of customer satisfaction and customer perception. Taking Beverage Air repair seriously is pretty much essential to keep the beverages chilled. Luckily, issues with beverage coolers are not difficult to spot and troubleshoot. And if major replacement or repair is required, you should consider calling the commercial appliance repair services for quick and painless solutions.

Issues with beverage coolers

Mainly there are three issues that can occur with beverage coolers –lights of cooler stop working, cooler stops circulating cool air, and cooler does not work efficiently. These are some major issues that can impact your business. It is important to get them fixed as soon as you notice.

In food service industry, presentation plays an important role. Your presentation has to be attractive to fetch the customer’s attention. Poorly illuminated beverage coolers are not attractive at all, and won’t draw customers in, because the beverages inside the cooler are not being visible properly. This might not cause any performance issue, but impact your business.

Along with presentation, you need to provide quality services to your customers, in order to build customer-relationship. And to provide quality service, you need to keep your commercial kitchen appliances in tip-top condition, including but not limited to beverage coolers. If your beverage cooler stops circulating the cool air, you won’t be able to serve chilled beverages to your customers, and this will somehow ruin your reputation in the market.

If not maintained properly, beverage coolers will not work efficiently. They will consume a lot of electricity to operate. This will increase your overall electricity consumption. It is important to take this issue under consideration to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Maintaining beverage coolers

Just like any other commercial appliance, beverage coolers also work 24*7. These appliances also require timely maintenance to keep working properly. You need to schedule the cleaning of this appliance on the regular basis to maintain the proper hygiene inside.

If you notice a lot of condensation on the glass door or water on the floor at the unit’s base, it is a signal there is some major issue with the refrigeration unit, or the door is not sealed properly. In this condition you need to call the commercial freezer repairs Fairfax.



How to keep your commercial refrigerator odor free

Do you often forget gallons of milk in your commercial refrigerator before closing for a long weekend? Or are your frighten of the smell of rotten vegetables in crisper drawer? Or do you think that your commercial refrigerator reek a lot? Well if so, then you need to follow certain procedures to keep your commercial refrigerator odor free. Bad odor is not only unbearable for your staff member, but it has negative impact on other food items as well. According to commercial refrigerators services experts, it is very much important to keep the restaurant refrigerators odor free.

Keeping commercial refrigerators odor free

Some food items leave powerful smell that covers every inch of the refrigerator. This happens because you are not careful while storing items in your refrigerating unit. Some items should never be stored in the refrigerators and others need to be stored properly to avoid such situations. When your refrigerator smell bad, it is not safe to store other edible items in it. The other items will also grasp that smell. Before storing anything new in your smelly refrigerator, it is recommended to get rid of the odor. Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate refrigerator odor.

Step by Step Guide to Eliminate Refrigerator Odor

Step #1: Unplug the refrigerator and remove every item present inside

Even if you know the reason behind the odor, you need to remove each and every item present inside the refrigerator to get rid of the odor. Please unplug the refrigerator before doing this task.

Step #2: Wash the bins, drawers and shelves

Remove drawer, shelves and bins of your refrigerating unit, and wash them in the sink with soap water. This step is important to eradicate the smell from your refrigerator. Make sure that the components are completely dry before re-installing them.

Step #3: Wash the interior

After removing the lose components of your refrigerator, wash it from inside. Use baking soda and warm water for deeper cleaning. You can use sponge to avoid any sort of abrasion. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is unplugged when you clean it from inside.

Step #4: Air the refrigerator out

This is the most time-consuming step to get rid of the intense smell. Just unplug your refrigerator and keep the doors open for a while.

So, you can follow the above mentioned steps to make your commercial refrigerator odor-free. And if you are not able to get the desired results, you can hire the True refrigerator repair services Vienna for faster results.



What you need to know about commercial kitchen safety

Food service industry involves a lot of safety and health hazards. Setting a commercial kitchen involves attention to a lot of details. One of the most important aspects of the commercial kitchens is commercial kitchen appliances. Restaurant or cafe owners invest a lot of money on buying or renting the kitchen appliances. These appliances are required to be maintained and set up properly to prevent any accident in the commercial kitchens. Hiring contractors for commercial kitchen appliance repairs, maintenance and installation is highly recommended for safety purposes. The professionals will not only take care of the safety of your commercial kitchen, but their services will also help you in maintaining the efficiency of your kitchen.

Commercial kitchen Dos

As an owner or manager of the commercial kitchen it is you responsibility to look after your kitchen appliances to keep things run efficiently and smoothly. You can follow below mentioned tips make sure that your commercial kitchen and commercial kitchen equipment are safe.

Do maintain a list of inventory equipment. In this list make a column regarding the servicing and cleaning schedule. By referring this list, you can recognize that which equipment requires maintenance or repair.

Do keep separate budget for professional appliance cleaning, repair or maintenance. Many times restaurant owners or managers avoid hiring the commercial appliance services due to cost cutting. It is not good practice. You will lose more money on appliance repair or worst replacement, if you save on appliance maintenance.

Do keep eye on your staff. It is important that your staff members should use the appliances properly and safely. You should schedule separate training for every staff member. Whenever a new employee joins, train them about the use of appliance, safety measures, appliance maintenance etc. Then check if every employee is following the set instructions or not.

Commercial kitchen Don’ts

Don’t neglect maintenance of cooling equipment. Many restaurant and cafe owners take special care about the cooking equipment, but forget about the cooling equipment like freezer, ice machine, walk-in refrigerator etc. It is important to hire commercial freezers services Falls Church as well.

Don’t install freezers, refrigerators and other cooling equipment near cooking equipment. The heat coming out of the heating equipment decreases the efficiency of the cooling equipment.

Don’t ignore the ventilation. In order to avoid any heat or suffocation related accident in your commercial kitchen, pay attention over ventilation of your kitchen.



Ways to Maintain Commercial Freezers

For someone in food service industry, commercial freezer is one of the major investments. Business owners do not hesitate in investing in expensive freezers, but they often forget about commercial freezer maintenance. In order to keep your commercial freezer running, it is important to pay attention over maintenance, care and repair of the appliance. Leave maintenance and care task on your staff, and you remember to hire commercial freezer repairs services for timely repair. It is important to keep your freezer in good condition to enjoy long-lasting and efficient services.

Maintaining commercial freezers

Commercial freezers require preventive maintenance actions to operate without interruption. It is possible to avoid major and minor freezer issues by scheduling timely maintenance and preventive measures. If you are thinking how you can maintain your freezer, the below mentioned tips will help you in protecting your investment:

Keep Acidic Foods Covered

Covering acidic food items reduces the cross contamination spread in the freezer while also minimizing the corrosion. Acidic foods such as tomatoes and pickles let out acids which, eventually, eat through the lines of refrigerant. It is also recommended to store frozen food in sealed containers lids and freezer-safe bags to prevent this issue.

Clean Dust from the Condenser

When dust and other debris accumulate on the condenser and coils, freezer will not be able to do its job appropriately. In this situation the condenser works harder than required for an extended time period, it is more likely to get heated prematurely. An overloaded condenser also consumes more power and escalates your electricity bills. If your staff is cleaning condenser by themselves, instruct them to use a condenser coil brush and cleaner.

Keep Drains Clear

You can find the refrigerator drain at the bottom. This drain is responsible for removing interior condensation. Once the liquid moves out of the drain, it is moved to a drip pan and heated till evaporation. If the drain is clogged, the condensation gets stuck in the refrigerator, producing frozen build up. You must clean the refrigerator drain on the regular basis by cleaning crumbs and moving storage containers away from the opening of the drain.

Hiring Commercial Freezer Repair Services

It is important to resolve the freezer issues at initial stage. You should hire commercial freezers services Vienna as soon as you notice the problem. This will help you in avoiding expensive appliance repair or replacement.



Steps To Keep Commercial Kitchen Equipment Clean And Last Longer

Commercial kitchen equipment is one of the biggest investments. When you purchase expensive commercial appliances, you want them to last, and hope to avoid commercial appliances repair. The ideal way of making your commercial appliance last longer is to keep them clean. Cleaning commercial kitchen equipment is time-consuming and slow process. They are bigger in size and you need to be careful while cleaning them. Also different equipment has different cleaning and maintenance needs. The best way to avoid any damage is to read the manufacturer manual for cleaning instructions.

Cleaning commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchens generally consist of two types of appliances –hot side appliance and cold side appliance. The hot side appliances include commercial range, oven and deep fryer, while cold side appliances include walk-in refrigerator, commercial freezer, ice machine and ice maker. Also, there are commercial appliances such as commercial dishwasher, glass washer and garbage disposal units.

In order to maintain the performance and the longevity of your commercial appliances, you need to train your staff member on how to use each of the appliances. Then you have to prepare maintenance instructions for your staff to carefully use and maintain the appliances. At last, you need to come up with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, so that your appliance remain in tip-top condition and operate with the full efficiency.

Maintaining hot-side commercial kitchen equipment

  • Check gaskets and hinges of oven to make sure the sealing is strong. Strong sealing is important for efficiency and safety of your entire commercial kitchen.
  • All flames including pilot should burn blue. The blue flames indicate the proper burning. If the flames are not blue then there might be something wrong with your appliance.
  • Clean the food spills as soon as possible, and get rid of excess build-up on the weekly basis. These build-ups decrease the efficiency of ranges, ovens and boilers.
  • Adequately manage the oil filters of commercial deep fryers. Follow proper boil out process to extend the life span of oil used in your commercial deep fryer.

Maintaining cold-side commercial kitchen equipment

  • Check the gaskets of your cooling units to make sure the sealing is strong. Strong sealing is important for keeping safe operating temperature.
  • Defrost the ice machine on the regular basis.
  • Clean the compressors, condensers and evaporator coils of your cooling unit. You can also hire commercial refrigerators service Arlington for this task.


Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Commercial Ovens

After purchasing commercial oven, you may want to ensure that you keep it in good condition to avoid costly commercial oven repair. Whether you own a small pizza oven or a full sized commercial kitchen oven, commercial oven is one of the major investments for your business, and you should maintain it to make sure you get the maximum return of your investment. The more cautious you remain about maintaining your cooking equipment, the more money you will save in the long run.

Paying attention over commercial ovens

Just like any other restaurant equipment, commercial ovens require regular cleaning and maintenance. Most of the maintenance tasks are quite easy and will be done on a weekly or monthly basis, but that consistent effort to can make a huge difference.

Commercial Oven Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Over time, commercial ovens develop heat and cooking inefficiencies.  You may begin to observe that your oven starts taking longer to cook as compared to what it used to.  The heating costs will increase, and marks of diffused heat will be visible around the oven.  These heating issues occur because of a loose-fitting seal of oven door. In order to avoid this issue, check oven seal on the regular basis and do not put too much force on oven door.

Efficiency of commercial oven also decreases because of badly calibrated thermostat. It is important check to if your thermostats are correctly calibrated every few months.  In order to calibrate, make use of thermometer and evaluate the set temperature.  If you find difference, then you need to re-calibrate the oven controls.

In-build programs and buttons for cooking may get badly calibrated as well.  You may notice that, your oven is not cooking as well with the preset program and button.  Check out the re-calibrating settings to resolve this issue.

When your oven is not cleaned properly, you will notice performance issues such as presence of strange flavor and even smoke.  Avoiding these problems is a simple matter of cleaning. Cleaning of commercial oven is very important for performance and efficiency of the appliance. You can schedule professional commercial range repair Vienna and cleaning every month, and instruct your staff to clean the oven thoroughly every week. However, spills should be cleaned immediately. The longer you wait more stubborn the spills become.



Commercial Glass Washer: How to maintain

Providing cleaner cutlery, crockery and glasses is essential in food service industry. Nothing can ruin the reputation of your business more than dirty crockery or glasses. Whether you own a pub, restaurant, cafe or hotel, you need clean and tidy glasses and dishes to serve your customers. Investing in the most expensive dishwasher and glass washer is not enough. You have to train your staff on using these appliances and schedule glass washer repair whenever it is required.

Understanding commercial glass washer

Choosing the right glass washer for your commercial kitchen is vital. You require the right machine to do the job. The most common types of glass washers are:

Under-counter glass washer: These are quite similar to residential dishwashers. They utilize heat to flash-heat the glasses and to provide deep cleaning.

In-sink glass washer: These are the best washers for quick cleaning of the glassware. They fit into sink and consist of a rotating brush that scrubs the dirty glasses. Although in-sink glass washer requires high maintenance, they provide quick cleaning.

Conveyor: These washers are recommended for the high volume applications. Conveyor can wash 300 to 400 glasses per hour. They are suitable for big pubs and high-traffic cafeterias.

Glass washer – keep it clean

In order to get cleaner glasses, you need to pay attention over your glass washing unit. It is important to pay time and attention over glass washer cleaning. Your glass washing unit should be regularly maintained and sanitized.

Cleaning a glass washer unit is easy and fast. Check your user manual for the proper instructions. If you do not have user manual then you can check online. Use a small brush to clean out all the accrued dirt. Don’t be too harsh on your appliance while cleaning. And use good quality detergent for this purpose.  Use hot water to rinse the machine a couple of time. This will clear out the clogging (if any). The cleaner you keep your glass washer, the better and longer it will serve you.

Commercial glass washer is an expensive and complicated appliance. Just like other commercial kitchen appliances, they also require professional maintenance. You need to hire the commercial appliance repair contractor fairfax for the servicing of your glass washer and dishwasher in every 3 months. The professional cleaning and maintenance will not only increase the lifespan of your appliances, but also improve their efficiencies.



Maintenance and care tips for Your Commercial Icemaker

Commercial icemaker is one of the hardest working appliances of the commercial kitchens.  It is important appliance used in restaurants and bars. This appliance should be properly maintained to enjoy the continuous supply of ice. Maintenance of commercial icemaker is a tricky task. You have to train your staff about the cleaning and maintenance tasks related to icemaker, so that your machine keeps on running with the full efficiency. Hiring commercial icemaker repair services is also important to keep your appliance in tip-top condition for a number of years to come.

Commercial icemaker preventive maintenance tips

Below mentioned are a few simple maintenance and care tips that you can do to get the most out of your commercial icemaker:

Water Filter Installation

Water filters are very important for maintaining the efficiency and extending the life of your machine. This filter is responsible for reducing the build-up of minerals and sediment from the water in the ice machine, and thus keeping the ice clear and clean. Filters will also remove bad taste and odor from water, and thus provide better quality ice. Some manufacturers may even provide extended warranties on ice machines that have a filter on their water line. The water filters will slow-down the scale build-up in machine.

Antimicrobial Protection

In order to protect the components of icemaker, some manufacturers provide built-in antimicrobial protection filters. This water purging system has been patented by Scotsman. This prevents the growth of mold and slime inside the ice machine. This is the reason why business owners need not have to worry about Scotsman ice machine repair Alexandria too often.

Antimicrobial protection is extremely important when it comes to ice-machines. Mold and slime not only affect the taste of the water, but they are also hazardous for health. It is important to clean the ice machines to keep them free from dust, mold and slime.

You should also have ice scoop that is dedicated to ice in the machine. This will help you in keeping bin clean and free of any residue.

Sanitizing Your Machine

If you are changing water filter on the regular basis and have an anti-microbial agent you are doing right for increasing the life span of your machine and improving its performance. Sanitization is another important aspect of the ice machine maintenance.  You should empty your ice machine and clean it thoroughly in every six months.