How to Clean an Ice Machine

Ice is required in almost every food service setting, from bar, cafeteria, restaurant to nursing homes and hospitals. Since ice is important, so does ice machines. In order to obtain the continuous supply of ice, it is very much important to keep ice machine in tip-top condition. For that owners need to pay attention over commercial Ice maker repair and maintenance, because this appliance demands high maintenance to function.

Ice maker maintenance and cleaning

Ice machines are one of the most ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. They are not cleaned for months, and used broken for years. While every ice machine has its own unique maintenance requirements, most have common maintenance process.

Why It’s Important to Clean an Ice Machine

The FDA categorizes ice as food, which means that ice should be maintained and cared same as other food products. No matter what kind of ice machine you have, it is imperative that you sanitize, clean and maintain it. Any component of your ice machine that come in direct contact with water can develop slime, scale or mold any time, which will affect the quality of ice.

Ice machines should be cleaned thoroughly at least once in six months for efficient operation. This is important to prevent any type of build-up on your appliance. If you avoid maintenance, scaling and other build-ups will directly impact the performance and efficiency of your appliance.

If you experience any of the below mentioned issues, you should schedule ice machine cleaning as soon as possible:

  • Ice machine is not releasing ice
  • Slow ice harvest
  • Ice quality is not up to the mark
  • Ice machine is producing shallow or incomplete ice cubes
  • Low ice capacity

It is possible to get rid of all these problems simply by cleaning your ice maker. On the other hand, avoiding cleaning even after all the warnings will aggravate the problem.

While cleaning your ice machine make sure you follow the instructions written in user’s manual properly. Different ice machines are cleaned in different manner. Some manufacturers recommend specific cleaning products to be used with their machines.

In case you notice ice machine problems even after paying attention over maintenance and cleaning, you should contact Scotsman Ice machine repairs Falls Church technicians for proper inspection. A certified technician will solve your problems in no time.



How to Run a Commercial Kitchen

Nowadays, a lot of people are considering careers in the culinary business, and opening their own commercial kitchens. Well, setting up a commercial kitchen is not a difficult task, but maintaining it is a challenge. There are so many things to look after in the commercial kitchens.

Maintenance of commercial kitchen is much more difficult than the residential kitchens. The most important aspect of the commercial kitchen maintenance is commercial kitchen appliance maintenance. For that you need to hire commercial kitchen appliance service. It is because commercial kitchen appliances require professional cleaning and inspection on the regular basis to work efficiently.

Running commercial kitchen

In order to operate the commercial kitchen, manager needs to foresee everything. The commercial kitchens have many types of appliances, and each and every appliance has different maintenance requirements.  Not only manager needs to schedule professional appliance maintenance time to time, but also have to train staff members regarding appliances.

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

A commercial kitchen may contain several refrigeration appliances such as –walk in freezer, ice machine, commercial Ice maker, display refrigerator etc. These appliances are responsible for keeping edible items fresh. It is very much important to keep these appliances in working condition. Otherwise, stored goods will go wasted. And this will have very bad impact on your business.

Commercial Deep Fryer Maintenance

Commercial deep fryer plays an important role in the commercial kitchens. In order to maintain good taste in fried food, you need to pay attention over deep fryer maintenance. This appliance demand a lot of care and routine inspections to remain in good condition. Also, you should follow the instructions mentioned in manufacturer manual while using this appliance.

Commercial Range and Oven Maintenance

Commercial cooking appliances are quite high-maintenance. These appliances need to be cleaned on the regular basis. You should train your staff to clean the spills as soon as possible. Also, you need to call commercial range repair service right away, in case of damage. It is not safe to use damaged cooking appliances. The gas leakage can result in fire hazards.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Maintenance

In order to maintain a hygienic aura, you need to pay attention over the maintenance of your commercial garbage disposal unit. Ironically, garbage disposal units are the most ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. You need to take this appliance in your consideration while scheduling commercial kitchen maintenance.



Tips to Avoid Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Commercial refrigeration appliances have important job to do in restaurants, cafes, pharmacy stores, departmental stores and frozen food shops. In order to keep your business running, you need to keep refrigeration appliances in good working condition. You can always call a commercial refrigerator repair technician to fix your appliance whenever breakdown occurs, but with proper handling, you can minimize the commercial refrigerator repairs. Rather than losing a lot of money on unplanned commercial appliance repair, just pay attention over refrigerator care to avoid repairs.

Avoid Commercial Refrigeration Repair

In order to keep commercial refrigerators in good condition, owners need to pay attention over proper cleaning of the appliance. Commercial refrigeration appliances are huge, and thus they are not easy to clean. Keeping your refrigeration unit clean not only help you in avoiding repair, but also help you in maintaining the efficiency of the unit.

Keeping commercial refrigerator clean

Commercial refrigerators have several different components and different components demands different kind of cleaning. You need to clean some components on the regular basis, while some components can be cleaned once in a month. It is important to understand the cleaning requirements. You can refer user manual for this purpose or talk to commercial refrigerator experts.

Condenser is the most important parts of the refrigerator. The efficiency of your appliance depends on the condenser. The most of the build-up stuck there, and this cause condenser to work harder. Cleaning condenser is not an easy task. You need to hire a specialized technician to do this task. Technicians have right tools and skills required for cleaning the condenser.

Interior part of refrigerator should be cleaned at least once in a week. You need to empty your refrigerator and then perform proper cleaning. Clean each and every shelf of your appliance. Also, clean doors of your appliance. You can hire special employees for this task, as refrigerator cleaning is also essential to maintain hygiene.

Exterior part of the refrigerator should be cleaned on the regular basis. You should not allow the spills to remain on the exterior part of the refrigerator. The refrigerator should be clean from outside. Otherwise, it will attract germs and insects, and pollute the ambience of your commercial kitchen.

Today, commercial kitchens have a variety of refrigeration appliance. It is always recommended to hire technician for Scotsman Ice machine repairs Arlington and other appliance repair, so that your business keeps on running without any interruption.



Preventative Maintenance for Walk-in Refrigerator

Refrigeration units are one of the most important appliances in food service industry. This appliance plays a critical role in commercial kitchens. In order to keep this appliance running with full efficiency, it is very much important to pay attention over maintenance of walk-in refrigerators.

Scheduling walk in cooler repair is essential, and training staff for cleaning and maintenance is also required. A walk-in refrigerator should be used and cleaned properly, and kitchen staff should know how to use this appliance.

Walk-In Refrigerator Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance of commercial refrigerator requires understanding of the appliance and its components. Each component of the walk-in refrigerator required to be cleaned precisely, and the cleaning method is also different for different components.

Walk-in refrigerator cleaning and maintenance

Unit Coolers Cleaning: Unit coolers should be cleaned in every 6 months or sooner. You can visually inspect the component to check clogging or air passage fouling. In order to keep your unit coolers in good condition you need to:

  • Check sign of corrosion in cabinets, fins etc.
  • Check fan blades for unusual vibration
  • Check out oil stains
  • Check drain pipes to make sure they are free from debris or any sort of clogging

Clean evaporator coil and blades: Periodic cleaning of evaporator coil and blades is required to keep your refrigerating unit working. You can clean this component using wet cloth, brush and mild detergent. Please avoid using acid based cleaners. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for trouble-free cleaning.

Check the operation of all fans: It is important that all fans of your walk-in refrigerators work properly, so that you can make sure that the air flow is unobstructed. Manually check if each fan is rotating quietly and freely. Check if all screws of the fan are tight, and fan blades are not worn out or cracked. Also, verify that fan motors are working without any sort of interruption.

Inspect electrical wiring and components: Manually inspect all the wiring components of your refrigerator. In case you notice any cracked or lose wiring, get it repaired as soon as possible. All wirings of walk-in refrigerators should be proper to avoid electric shocks. Also inspect, if all switches of your refrigerating unit are working.

Walk-in refrigerator is very complicated commercial kitchen appliance. It is not possible for a non-technical person to understand and maintain this appliance. That is why it is recommended to hire commercial refrigerators repair services.



Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer from Burning Your Profits

Whether you are into fast food business or serve a few fried items in your restaurant, you are required to pay attention over commercial deep fryer maintenance and cleaning. Commercial deep fryer is one of the most important, yet ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. In order to keep your fryer in good condition, you need to train your staff and have to take timely action for commercial deep fryer repair. This appliance has direct impact on the efficiency of kitchen, quality of food, customer satisfaction and profit margin.

Keeping commercial deep fryer in good condition

Commercial deep fryer requires proper care and timely maintenance to stay in good condition. This appliance should be handled carefully and cleaned on the regular basis. Check out the below mentioned tips to maintain commercial deep fryer:

Keep it clean

Deep fryer should be cleaned daily to avoid the grease build-up. This build up will affects the taste of food and efficiency of the appliance. Instruct your staff to clean the steel surface properly. Here are the cleaning tasks that should be performed:

-Wiping exterior part of the appliance daily

-Washing fry baskets daily.

-Performing deep cleaning of the appliance in every 3 to 6 months.

-Hiring commercial appliance repair services for regular upkeep of the appliance.

Do instruct your staff to make sure that the appliance is cool when they perform the cleaning.

Change the oil

Changing oil is one of the major maintenance tasks of the commercial deep fryer maintenance. It is not good to keep on using old oil, because old oil add bad taste and smell in fried food items. Consider changing oil, when oil appears smoky or black. The best way of maintaining good oil in the deep fryer is dedicating a person for this task. That person will change oil on the regular basis.

Change the filter

Filter is one of the most important parts of the commercial deep fryer. This prevents the debris formation in the fryer. You can hire the commercial appliance services Alexandria for this task.

Manage the temperature

In order to prevent the burn, you need to manage temperature inside the fryer. Guidelines for filter changing are mentioned in manufacture’s manual. You can read the manual to adequately to change the filter.

Maintain a Safe Environment

Safety is important aspect of deep fryer maintenance. Grease on the floor results in dangerous and costly slip and fall accidents. Train kitchen staffs to keep the floors clean during every shift.



Restaurant Appliance Broken? How To Find The Right Technician

Restaurant owners want their commercial appliance to work with full efficiency, so that they can smoothly run their business. A lot of kitchen activities rely on the commercial kitchen appliances. If one of the appliances stops working, business gets affected. In such situation, it is important to find the right commercial appliance repair technician as soon as possible. Only a qualified technician can solve the commercial appliance problems. Restaurant appliances are bigger and more complicated. It is not possible to fix these appliances without professional help. You may end up aggravating the appliance problem while attempting DIY repair.

Restaurant appliance repair problems

All commercial appliances are important in food service industry. Whether it is commercial freezer, commercial range, walk-in refrigerator, ice-cream machine, beverage air, garbage disposal unit, deep fryer or ice machine, each appliance has its own importance in the commercial kitchen. Breakdown of either appliance will create chaotic situation in the kitchen. Thus, it is mandatory to hire the commercial appliance repair service provider as soon as possible.

Hiring commercial appliance repair technician

While hiring the commercial appliance repair technician, you should look for following qualities:

  • The appliance repair technician should be certified, licensed or bonded. You may find many local technicians, but all technicians are not equally skilled and experienced. In order to evaluate the technician, you can ask for certification, license, insurance etc.
  • The appliance repair technician should be capable of handling various brands. All commercial appliances are not same. The appliances of different brands have different internal structures. When you hire the technician, ask about the appliance brands he has repaired in the past. This will give you an idea about the experience of the technician.
  • The appliance repair service provider should be capable of handling various types of commercial kitchen appliances, so that you need not have to hire different technicians for different appliances.
  • The restaurant appliance repair service provider should provide prompt service. This is important to keep your business running. You can directly ask about the waiting time on call. You can even negotiate the waiting time.
  • The appliance repair technician should provide the appliance replacement service, if required.
  • The appliance repair services should be cost-effective. You can compare the rate-card of various technicians, and then finalize the best option.


What You Need To Know About Commercial Appliance Repair?

If you are in commercial food service business, you surely understand the importance of commercial appliance maintenance and repair. The appliances are the soul of the commercial kitchens. It is very much important to keep the appliances in good condition, in order to full-fill the customer requirements on time. And when any breakdown occurs, you need to call the commercial appliance repair services to get your appliance repaired on time. Ignoring commercial appliance repair will not only reduce the efficiency of your commercial kitchen, but it will also result in expensive repair or worst replacement.

Commercial appliance repair

No matter how much attention you pay over maintenance of your kitchen appliances or how carefully your staff members use the appliances, appliances will breakdown someday. The only thing you can do is call the commercial appliance repair services for proper repairing. You or any of your employees should not try DIY repair.

Commercial appliances are quite complicated. Just because you know how to fix home appliances, doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to fix the commercial appliances. You might end up causing more damage. That is why, it is highly advisable to call the commercial appliance repair company and ask for the best appliance repair services.

The commercial appliance repair technicians are trained to fix various appliances, such as:

  • Commercial refrigerator repair
  • Commercial oven repair
  • Commercial range repair
  • Walk-in freezer repair
  • Commercial deep fryer repair
  • Commercial dishwasher repair
  • Beverage air repair

Commercial appliances are very much different from home appliances. Not just size, the entire anatomy of commercial appliances is different. On the other hand, appliance repair technicians are specially trained for doing such complicated repair tasks. These professionals have deep understanding of the internal structure of commercial appliances. They even know how to repair appliances of different brands. The professional technicians know how to handle the most complicated and the easiest commercial appliance problem.

Hiring commercial appliance repair services

Nowadays, hiring commercial technician has become a simple task. You can find a lot of reliable, genuine, experienced and skilled technicians online. You can contact the restaurant appliance repair contractors Alexandria online or call them. You can get compete information about the technicians from their websites. This will make it easier for you to choose the best appliance repair service providers for your restaurant or hotel.



How to Clean Your Commercial Convection Oven

Commercial convection oven is one of the vital appliances of the commercial kitchen. The speed and efficiency of your staff depends on the performance of your commercial convection oven. This makes it important to keep your commercial oven in tip-top condition. Inappropriately cleaned convection ovens can make food taste bad, and even worse, can become fire and safety hazards. You should hire commercial oven repair and cleaning services on the regular basis to maintain the performance of your commercial oven, as you take care of your convection oven and your oven will take care of your business.

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial ovens should be cleaned on daily basis to prevent any potential dangers. You should train your staff to clean spills daily, while deeper cleaning should be done every month. Cleaning commercial oven is not a difficult task. Cleaning convection oven does not require much time and effort. The process of commercial oven cleaning is easy and fast. You just need to know the right technique.

Step 1: Make sure oven is cool

Make sure that your convection oven is cool so that you can minimize the risks of burns.  You should consider wearing heat resistant gloves while cleaning to prevent burning.

Step 2: Remove the racks

Remove the racks of your oven and clean them separately.  Quite often, cooks put meats and other foods directly onto the racks. It is important to clean the racks as well. Racks may not look dirty, but they should be cleaned on the regular basis. Use scrub to clean the racks.

Step 3: Wipe Down The Inside

Use wet towel to wipe inside the oven. Make sure you clean the area around the fan. When the airflow is interrupted by debris, that oven will not perform at its maximum efficiency. In order to avoid the debris formation, you need to clean this area properly.

Step 4: Put the Racks Back

Once the oven racks are dried properly, put them back, and leave the oven open for a while. This will not lock smell inside your oven. Make sure you install all the racks properly.

Commercial oven cleaning services

Professional Commercial Convection Oven repairs service providers recommend daily cleaning to avoid problems in the oven. It is possible to avoid expensive repairs by paying attention over cleaning and maintenance of the commercial oven.



Essential Tips For Commercial Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A garbage disposal unit is one of the most used and least cared appliances of commercial kitchens. It is located under sink, which makes it out of sight, out of mind. The garbage disposal unit remains hidden, until flip switch stops working. Now you have a sink full of food and a foul smell covering your entire kitchen. Well, it is possible to avoid this problem by hiring commercial garbage disposal service for regular maintenance and cleaning. This underrated appliance also needs proper maintenance and cleaning to work adequately.

Tips on caring for your commercial garbage disposal unit

Use your garbage disposal only for food stuffs. Do not dump cloths, towel or plastic bags into it. You should carefully monitor what goes inside it, so that hard substances like vegetable stalks, bones and plastic spoons don’t block your unit. It will be good, if you avoid putting onions, potato skins, celery, and corn hunks in your sink.

In order to prevent clogging, run water before and after operating your garbage disposal unit. You should let water run for at least 30 seconds. And please avoid running hot water in your garbage disposal unit. You might have heard that hot water will prevent clogging, but it’s a myth. Hot water may cause fats to melt and stick to the blades of the disposal unit, and causes clogging. Instead, toss some ice cubes in your garbage disposal unit once in a month to keep it clog-free.

Troubleshooting garbage disposal unit

#1: If you don’t have any idea about the functionality or problem of the garbage disposal unit, do not try to troubleshoot the garbage disposal unit. You will end up aggravating the issue. Now, before you start troubleshooting your garbage disposal unit, make sure to disconnect the unit from power source.

#2: In case, your garbage disposal unit won’t turn on, look at the power source. Many times it happens that the circuit is not tripped. You can also try the reset button to try to switch your appliance on.

#3:  When you can hear the sound of motor after switching on your garbage disposal unit, but blades are not moving, your blades are jammed. It’s the time when you need to call commercial garbage disposal maintenance services.

#4: If foul smell is emanating from your garbage disposal unit, then there might be food stuck in it. You can prevent this by grinding all the food.



Top Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

You may not think about your commercial freezers and walk-in refrigerators often, but they play an important role in your business success. Last minute repair can be expensive, and not to mention the potential loss of perishables. In order to keep your business running smoothly, hire commercial refrigerator repair services for regular maintenance and inspection. Also, prepare maintenance and cleaning guidelines for your staff, and tell them to strictly follow those guidelines.

Maintenance of Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerator maintenance can be easily ignored by the employees, but lack of care results in expensive emergency repair. While fixes is being done, large quantities of refrigerated items can go bad. It is possible to prevent this type of scenario with regular maintenance. Proper maintenance improves the performance and lifespan of commercial refrigeration units, while decreasing their energy consumption.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Contact customer care: In order to understand the functionality of your commercial cooling appliances, you can contact the customer support. The customer care executives will not only help you in understanding all the features of your appliance, but also let you know how to use the appliance correctly.

Inspect refrigerator: If you suspect any problem in your refrigeration unit, inspect it and try to detect the root cause of the issue. Many times refrigeration issues occur due to presence of dirt, improper sealing, frosting etc. It is possible to get rid of small problems with over-the-counter solutions. However, never try to inspect your refrigeration unit by unscrewing its components. Let professional appliance repair technician handle this task.

Clean in properly: In order to enjoy the interrupt free cooling, you should have a proper cleaning schedule. Instruct your staff to clean the spills of foods and drinks right away, while clean the refrigerator thoroughly in every 7 to 10 days.

Schedule professional inspection: No matter how much you pay attention over cleaning and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration unit, you should hire walk in cooler repair services Alexandria va for regular inspection. This will help you in preventing the refrigeration problems even before they come, and you can enjoy interrupt free refrigeration.

Get it repaired: In case you notice small cracks, wiring mistake or functionality issue, call the professional appliance repair technician right away. The sooner you solve the refrigeration issue, the lesser they cost.